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Well, I just got back from a very strange couple of days. Our youth retreat was nothing like I expected it to be, and I’m still trying to figure out whether that’s good or bad. On the one hand, it was really boring (more boring than the other years), but on the other hands, the worship and the time with God was amazingly awesome. So let me run down what happened the past couple days.

We got to the church on Friday at about 2:30 and packed up the school bus we were taking to the little town of Forest. On the way up, Jordan and I just mostly listened to music. For the majority of the time, we had Underoath and The Used playing in separate discmans and each had one earphone from each. We were trying to find songs that lined up well and sounded good together. It was pretty wierd because both singers/screamers had really similar voices and sounded awesome together. It was mostly the drums that didn’t line up.

So anyways, we got to the place, and it was really different from Arden, the place where we’ve gone other years. There were two cabins for the guys each with five bunk beds. Then the girl’s cabins were way far away across this big field. In the middle was the building where we ate food, hung out, and beside that was a barn that had been turned into a “sports complex” – a glorified gym that had…Continue Reading

The Day of Clothes-Washing

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Well, today is the day. I got up nice and early, about 8:30 (although that wasn’t my intention, I just couldn’t sleep). After having my shower, I decided that I should start to pack for the retreat. It was then that I remembered that most of my clothes were in the laundry and needed to be washed. Oh well. I’ve been domesticated in the art of using the washing machine, since if I don’t do my laundry, it just doesn’t get done. I swear that some days I start to feel like a housewife. And that’s never a good feeling. Oh well.

I found out that apparently Angelie can’t come to retreat. That kind of sucks, and what sucks more is that I don’t know why. I just saw a comment on the youth website about how she wasn’t going to retreat, although she had told me like a couple days earlier that she was. So I don’t know what’s up there.

As for anything else, it’s a pretty average day. I have to wait for this laundry to get done and then I’ll finish packing. Right now I just have a bunch of stuff that I want to take laid out on my bed ready to go. I’ve got to wait to see how much clothing I have to take in order to figure out whether I can fit it in my backpack or whether I’ll have to take something bigger. I fit everything in my backpack when I…Continue Reading