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A Bunch of Randomly Random Stuff

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Restraining yourself from beating up someone or something is very hard. Right now I’d like to beat up Kyle for always scheduling practices with little or no warning – or rather, just calling practices for any time that he wants. It’s very frustrating. I mean, I had planned to get together with Lana and Beth to work on our sonnet for English at 6:00 PM, but now there’s apparently a practice tonight at 8:30 – one that I just found out about today when Bethany brought it up. So basically, I’ll be working on this sonnet for a couple hours and then driving over to the church. I guess it sort of works out since I’m going to the Tozers to work on it, so I can just take my bass along, then give Jordan a ride when it’s time to go, but still, I’d prefer some more advanced notice. But I suppose we need a practice to get ready for Sunday night; this coming Sunday is Pastor Dave’s farewell, although he isn’t really going anywhere. He’s just resigning, but he’s still staying at the church for the time being, anyway.

Anyways, other than that, it was a pretty average day. Steph and Melissa were away at CAASO Track and Field helping out or something, which was kind of annoying since I wanted to talk to them and sort some things out today. I mean, I knew they were going to that thing, but I had forgotten, so then when…Continue Reading


Today was a little strange. Most of the day was alright, but what happened at lunch sort of threw things off a bit. It wasn’t so much the situation as it was the part of me that I’ve been trying to get rid of flaring up again. I got into a little argument with Steph about some things that went on at youth last night. The details really aren’t important; needless to say, though, it was a difference of opinion. Both of us tend to be quite opinionated, and thus we sometimes clash over stuff that later seems pretty stupid. I mean, I was a little ticked off just because of the fact that she always has her little opinion about youth and what should and shouldn’t be done, and then was telling me not to criticize and such, but the fact is she’s right. She could probably use a little of her own advice, but the fact remains that I really do criticize a lot.

I usually like to think of myself as pretty easy-going. It’s just stupid stuff that gets under my skin sometimes. I mean, with this situation, it wasn’t even that I thought what they did was bad, but rather I thought they could have done something better. Then, of course, two stubborn people get on opposite sides, and start arguing over something that really doesn’t matter. I should have just bit my tongue and ended it right before or soon after it started. I should…Continue Reading