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Writer’s Block

I’m at a loss for words yet again today. Not much happened, and therefore there’s not much to talk about. Usually when it’s a boring day, my mind tends to wander and so, though it’s hard to talk about the day’s events, it’s easy to talk about one of the topics that flashed through my head during that day. Today, though, was mediocre. I mean, it wasn’t a boring day, because we didn’t have three classes with Mr. G like the other day’s schedule provides. We had Math, Accounting, Biology, and Phys. Ed. Today’s schedule is my favourite – I understand math, and it comes pretty naturally to me, Accounting’s a cinch, Biology is bearable, and Phys. Ed. gets the blood flowing and there’s (usually) lots of activity.

So, while it might be a more interesting day, it means I had less time to think. I mean, I could write about transcribing and translating DNA, or I could talk about the five-journal system of accounting, but that’s no fun (well, I find it fun, but not fun to talk about). Since the day was more active, it meant that I didn’t get a chance to just let my mind wander and think up crazy stuff that normally lays buried in the deep recesses of one’s mind. I think I can officially say that over the past few days, I’ve had writer’s block.

Of course, even with writer’s block, I’m still able to write. I mean, here I am writing about…Continue Reading

Wow…I Talk a Lot

I just checked out my profile stats. I signed up here at on October 31st I believe – it just says October 2004. But in that time (18 days), I’ve written 22 posts. That’s 11 average posts per week (or actually, it’s only 8.8 if you want to count it as being halfway through a week by now), or 1.2 posts per day. In those 22 posts I’ve written 10,059 words not including this 23rd post. If you do the math, that works out to an average of just over 457 words per post. That’s insane. I talk way too much. I guess most of that 10,000 words would be in the entry Females – although I think this includes both of my blogs. Yeah, I think it does, which means that my story is included too – that makes up for quite a bit as well. Of course, only five (fairly short) chapters are done, so it doesn’t really account for much. But holy crap, I talk way too much.

I love it 🙂

Edit: Now that I look at it a bit closer, I notice that it lists my most recent post as being from November 7 – that means it’s over a week and a half old. That’s crazy – that means that 10,059 words doesn’t even include over a week-and-a-half’s worth of posts – including that crazy long one on Females. I should go for a record or something; I’d definitely be close. All…Continue Reading


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Alright, I’ve got my new blog all set up! No, not another blog to post daily ramblings; this one is to post my story that I’ll be writing whenever I get the chance. So go check it out! Right after I post this up, I’m going to go work on the first chapter of my THRILLING new novel! But of course, it’s best to read it as the action unfolds, rather than wait until it’s all finished, because that’s just boring. At least that’s what I’ve been told anyways. But whatever, check it out when you get a chance!…

Familiar Essay

Alright, bear with me here; ever notice that when you get something new you obsess over it for the first little while? This is the third entry today; I guess I’m just a naturally long-winded person. Well, actually, it’s more that I have so many random thoughts in my head during the day, that it’s hard to just get half of them down in writing – er, typing. So here goes another nice little entry.

I’ve got a familiar/informal essay coming up for English and I have to come up with a good topic. The problem is I have so many opinions on everything that it’s hard to just choose one. Here’s a few just off the top of my head:

Useful Etiquette When Dealing With Me Women: Who Needs Them? Blondes: Enough Said Why Pizza Is the Best Food Why Giraffes Are Hazardous Housepets My Father Doesn’t Appreciate Good Music Interpreting Thick-Accented People Schizophrenia: A Co-Authored Essay My Life As…[insert anything here] Why Brussel Sprouts Are Evil Pens or Pencils: The Great Debate

There’s just a few. I could go on for hours, just thinking up anything that comes into my head. And it doesn’t really matter which one I choose; my teacher doesn’t care, and I could write a whole book on any of those topics. Whether that book would actually sell would be a different matter entirely, but I could at least write it. The problem is, I know I’m going to pick one, start writing…Continue Reading

Blogging and Shakespeare

Alright, this process of getting my blog started up is more confusing than I thought. Being a web designer (or possibly from just being me), I have this incredible need to have everything in the perfect place. When I created the blog, after I posted the first entry, I immediately went to work and looked at the back-end structure that creates all the visual elements on the page. This template I have right now is made by Douglas Bowman, a really excellent web designer – however, I’m assuming that because of the limitations imposed on him by Blogger, he had to make some revisions to his usual process. All the CSS styles (the things that create all the nifty little boxes and such on the page here) are inline, and the code is really messy. So I’ve been hard at work making it all neat, just how I like it, and making some nice revisions; for example, I made the page a lot wider than the template had it because I just thought it was a waste of a lot of space.

But anyways, onto more important stuff. This thing’s always going to be a work in progress. But I was reading about this cool sort of contest thing or something for National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo for short. They’ve got a sort of spin-off here at Blogger called NaNoBlogMo, where you have to write 50,000 words in 30 days in a novel/blog. I’m not quite sure I’m ready…Continue Reading