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Two more exams down, four more to go. It’s crazy having seven exams in four days, but at least they’re only midterms. Today I wrote Parenting and World Religions, two exams which I thought would be harder than they actually were. I’m more worried, however, about tomorrow’s exams, Biology and Law. Those are going to be crazy. I think I basically know the Biology stuff, but I can’t seem to keep any Law information in my head. I mean, when I write tests, I seem to know the stuff, but I can’t remember anything that I’ve learned. It’s like it’s there and it spills out onto the page, but I didn’t know it was in there.

Anyways, I’d almost like to say that I’m stressed out about exams, because that seems to me like it’s what I should be doing, but I strangely am not worried at all. It feels like I should be just because they’re important exams, it being my last year and all, but I’m really not stressed at all. Right now I’m just looking forward to getting out of work finally, and then spending some time at retreat relaxing and getting closer to God.

Just two more days of intense writing and hand cramps to go, and then my seventh semester of high school is over. I honestly have blisters on my thumb and my first finger because of my pen. And I shouldn’t fail to mention that since I’m left-handed, I have pen smudges all…Continue Reading


Today was mildly interesting. The only thing worth mentioning is the fact that Mr. G changed the schedule and then screwed everyone all up by assigning something on a day that we didn’t have that class – the day before we had the class next, actually. That made for some angry/frustrated people, and I just didn’t really care, because I’m laidback like that. I got it done at lunchtime and at the start of the class and handed it in on time. Meh.

As for anything else that happened today, there really was nothing else. I stood outside in the freezing cold for about ten minutes waiting for my bus – and boy, was it cold. I’m glad it wasn’t later than it already was. But at least I caught the transfer to the next bus so I didn’t have to walk home. That would have been crazy.

Exams are coming up on Friday. Whoopee. I’m not too terribly worried, because I’m laidback like that, and because I’ve done them for three years. I really could care less as well, because my marks are good. I mean, I’ll still do well on the exams, but I just don’t have anything to worry about. Besides, what’s the point of worrying anyways?

“So I tell you, don’t worry about everyday life–whether you have enough food, drink, and clothes. Doesn’t life consist of more than food and clothing? Look at the birds. They don’t need to plant or harvest or put food in…Continue Reading