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Day Of Relaxation

Today was, thankfully, a much less eventful day than yesterday was. I got up and had a shower, then went downstairs and found that my sister was already on the computer. So I started wrapping my presents and got them all done and put under the tree. That was a huge accomplishment in itself; it was a big relief when I put the last one under the tree and realized that I was finally done everything I had to do for Christmas.

After that was done, I went downstairs and did all the usual stuff I regularly do on the computer, like checking my email and going through the list of bookmarked sites that I hit daily (whenever possible, of course). When that was finished, I got bored. So I worked on the project I started way back in the summer, I think. Perhaps it was in September, but anyways, it was somewhere around there.

At the risk of confusing everyone reading this since, as far as I know, you’re not web designers, let’s just say I’ve been working on a big project that allows you to organize files through a web browser. It works a lot like Windows Explorer, allowing you to move, copy, rename, and delete files. It’s been so much of a challenge, though. Most of the time I’ve spent working on the project has been to figure out how to get the list of folders on the left side to work properly. You have no idea…Continue Reading

Blogging and Shakespeare

Alright, this process of getting my blog started up is more confusing than I thought. Being a web designer (or possibly from just being me), I have this incredible need to have everything in the perfect place. When I created the blog, after I posted the first entry, I immediately went to work and looked at the back-end structure that creates all the visual elements on the page. This template I have right now is made by Douglas Bowman, a really excellent web designer – however, I’m assuming that because of the limitations imposed on him by Blogger, he had to make some revisions to his usual process. All the CSS styles (the things that create all the nifty little boxes and such on the page here) are inline, and the code is really messy. So I’ve been hard at work making it all neat, just how I like it, and making some nice revisions; for example, I made the page a lot wider than the template had it because I just thought it was a waste of a lot of space.

But anyways, onto more important stuff. This thing’s always going to be a work in progress. But I was reading about this cool sort of contest thing or something for National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo for short. They’ve got a sort of spin-off here at Blogger called NaNoBlogMo, where you have to write 50,000 words in 30 days in a novel/blog. I’m not quite sure I’m ready…Continue Reading