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Water Fights and Freezie Frights

Today was awesome. It didn’t start out that way, though. The Biology exam was pretty brutal; it wasn’t terribly hard, but Mrs. Houtman decided to make us choose 15 of 20 short answer questions as well as several sets of 2 of 3 problem-solving questions. So basically, I spent about five or ten minutes just figuring out what questions I had to do. Honestly, I’d rather just be told what to do instead of having to sit there and figure out what I do or don’t know. Anyways, with that said, it still wasn’t all that horrible, and I think I did pretty well on it.

I got home to a dark, quiet house. The hydro people had given everyone in the area advanced notice that today the power was going to be off for about five hours. I got home and quickly realized just how boring life really is without the computer, TV, or music. I didn’t even have a microwave to make lunch with – I ended up eating a peanut butter and honey sandwich on half-frozen bread – since, of course, I couldn’t thaw it in any way. I went upstairs and resigned myself to a dismal five hours. Within about ten minutes or so, however, my day brightened quite a bit. Melissa phoned me up and told me to come over – I figured anything was better than sitting in a boring house for five hours, so I quickly agreed. I changed my pants to at…Continue Reading