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The Wager

Not much interesting happened today at school. It was a pretty normal day, except for an exploding juice box. Lana accidentally stepped on a juice box that was on the floor for some reason, and it exploded in a big long line all over the floor. It was pretty cool, actually.

Anyways, every once in a while it hits me just how small I really am. I mean, if you think about it, try to imagine the size of the earth. Think about one of those pictures from space where it looks like a big blue sphere. Now imagine trying to find yourself on that picture – think about just how far you’d have to zoom in to see yourself. It’s crazy if you really think about it – it’s almost beyond our human comprehension. Zoom out even further, and you see our earth as just a marble in a massive solar system…then our tiny solar system in a sea of stars from our Milky Way galaxy. Zooming out even further gives you a massive picture – an incomprehensible universe filled with galaxies stretched out further than the human eye or the most powerful telescope can see – and you are just the tiniest speck, like an atom is in comparison to the earth. I’m not even sure whether that’s a fair comparison, because I cannot comprehend the sheer magnitude of the universe in all its vastness. I can’t even comprehend how massive the earth is, and it’s worthlessly unimportant…Continue Reading