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The Changing Times

Open my eyesAnd let me seeThat how things areAren’t how they should be.

Open my mindAnd let me knowThat every moment’sA moment to grow.

This is just a short poem that came to my head today near the end of lunch. I’m not quite sure why, but it did. I’m still trying to figure out the implications of it myself. I’ve been kind of beating myself up a bit lately, because every time I try to do things right, they always end up wrong. God’s basically trying to tell me that it’s alright. I’m a work in progress, and while He would love to see me always do the right thing, He understands that I need His help. I just have to be patient and let myself grow. I need to learn from the mistakes I make today so I don’t make the same ones tomorrow.

I’m the sort of person that looks forward with anticipation to the future. I don’t think I was always this way. I used to be really centred on the past, wishing I could do things over. But that just doesn’t work. And I suppose looking toward the future isn’t the greatest, considering if things go differently than expected, it causes disappointment. But the trick I’m starting to learn is that life, in regard to time anyway, is like a row of 3 pool balls. The first ball in the row is the past. This past is what got us to the second pool ball,…Continue Reading