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I’m not sure what to write about yet again. I’m mentally reviewing the day in my mind to look for highlights. Well, let me give you a general run-down of the day, and when I do that, I’ll decide how much to expand on each point.

To start off, I went to bed at 10:00 PM last night. I woke up this morning, and still felt just as tired as when I went to sleep. I faintly remember waking up somewhere around 2:30 AM, but I’m not sure if that was this morning or some other morning recently. Anyway, the morning was fairly uneventful. I got to school and had a regular ol’ Law class. Next up was swimming in Phys. Ed. class, where I once again sat up on the balcony and read Tom Clancy’s Op-Center. I’m almost done the book already; I must confess that it’s not his best work, but it’s still pretty intriguing nonetheless. I prefer his books about the Cold War and Russia, though, rather than North and South Korea. Or there’s always his Net Force series, where it’s in the future, and they have to deal with cyber-terrorists on the virtual reality internet as well as in real life.

Anyways, after swimming, we came back to the school and had lunch, during which Meagan played random hymns on the piano and Zac and I sang them in our deep, bassy voices. Well, I had a deep, bassy voice anyway; his was more of a…Continue Reading