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Leadership, Conversations, and Friends

It’s not very often that I have a leadership role in anything. It’s also even less often that I actually take on that leadership role willingly. So if everything works out well, you could just be witness to a historic moment – or at least a rare one.

Last night, Jeff called me up and told me to come to Duey’s Ice Cream to hang out with him and some other people. The other people there were Kristy, Dave, Angelie, and Erica. So I headed off and got to discussing the fate of New Life’s youth group with them. You see, before I got the phone call, I had been at the first youth service we’ve had in a while. Both Jordan and Kyle were away, so it was only Lawrence and me for worship. Only four other people showed up, so Pastor Al told us just to sing one song. After that, he talked about the judges (found in the book of Judges), mentioning Ehud in particular. The point was that we don’t have to have amazing abilities or talents to serve God, just a willing heart. I suppose now that I think of it, that ties in amazingly well with what happened not too long after.

As I discussed the fact that our youth group was dead, or at least at the very brink of death, Angelie told me that I should start up a guys’ Bible study. She sounded like she had gotten this idea earlier and…Continue Reading