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Rorschach Inkblot

Interpretations and Implications

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There is one thing that bugs me about many atheists when they talk about religious issues. Well, perhaps there’s more than one thing, but the one on my mind right now is the casual disregard for “liberal” religious believers. I find this an odd stance. I have often come across statements like, “Yeah, but liberal Christians aren’t really Christians,” or, “How can you call yourself a Christian if you don’t even believe that the Bible is true?” And to repeat myself, these statements are coming from atheists. I’d like to discuss this for a little bit by explaining my own views on the situation and then move into a few words about tactics. This, then, is a post intended primarily for fellow atheists, although as usual, comments from anyone and everyone are welcome.Continue Reading

Bladder Control and the Art of Winning at Losing

Today was a really boring day, so I’m just going to skip over the rundown of the day and get right into some random thoughts I just had a little while ago. There’s sort of a pattern to them, but not really.

As I got home today, I had to go to the washroom quite badly. This simple act which I do at least once a day provided me with a revelation today. I finally figured out the essence of what makes men and women different. I mean, there are many obvious differences, but I believe they all stem off of this one difference – the ability to control one’s bladder.

Now, let me explain a bit about genetics in order to tie this all together. Everyone has a special chromosome that determines their gender at conception. Females have an XX chromosome, whereas males have an XY chromosome. Since these split up in the reproductive cells of a person’s parents, the male determines the gender of the child – because he’s the only one that has the Y chromosome to begin with, he’s the only one that can pass it on to his child. If he passes on his X instead, the child is female.

So what does genetics have to do with bladder control? I propose that the X chromosome has a faulty gene that produces a lack of bladder control, whereas the Y chromosome does not have this. Therefore, men only get a single dose of this gene,…Continue Reading