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Canadian passport

The Story of the Lost Passport

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Folks, when you’re travelling, make sure you know where your passport is at all times. Why do I say that? Because forgetting your passport at an inopportune time can lead to the biggest headache that you’ll ever face. I now know this from personal experience. Gather ’round, kids, and let me tell you the story of when I made a stupid mistake and then suffered for it for the rest of the day.

The story begins in Chicago. Yesterday. My friends and I had arrived at O’Hare airport on our way back from a social psychology convention in Austin. We had a layover in Chicago and were waiting for our second flight to the Kitchener airport. It was an evening flight, and I was looking forward to being home. The employees at the desk announced that our flight was ready to board, and I grabbed my things, ready to finally leave! And then they announced, “Because this is an international flight, please have your passport ready to show the attendant along with your boarding pass.” And that’s when my heart sank.Continue Reading

Moods, Foods, and Music

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I’m not even sure what to say about today. I’m in a strange mood – it’s a generally happy and good mood, suppressed somewhat by a bit of contemplativeness. I’m not sure how much more descriptive I can be than that; nevertheless, it’s not bad in any way. I quite like this mood, actually. It’s due to the day that I’ve had today, so I suppose I should explain that some more and maybe you’ll understand how I’m feeling right now a bit better.

I woke up in a pretty good mood, not overly happy, but just sort of…there. I didn’t really have a mood, I suppose. I went on the computer for a while, took a shower, got changed and all that fun stuff, and then decided that I was going to go out to the Gospel Lighthouse. See, a week ago or so, I made a deal with myself, concerning this: I wanted the Seven Places CD, but I also didn’t want to spend my money. Normally I’d just download their songs off the internet and burn them onto a CD, but I could only find a few of their songs. So I made a deal with myself that if I got a job, I would go out and buy the CD. Seeing as I am now employed, I decided to keep my word to myself and go out and buy it. I took the car and headed over to the store, looked at the CDs for a…Continue Reading

Thoughts, Splayed Out for All to See

Bear with me today. I have a whole bunch of random thoughts in my head that I need to write down here. Wait, that’s no different from any other day. But oh well.

First thing up: my pastor used to be a funeral director for a while before he came to our church. With the recent death of a person in my church, the topic of the funeral came up. And of course, the slightly morbid joke came into my head: “Funeral directors are in such high demand. Everyone’s just dying to meet them.” Groan, throw things at me, and then move on. You knew it was coming.

On a completely different topic, I’ve been trying to think of something to write about for my story. I talked about it a while ago somewhere in my mass of blog entries. As of now, I haven’t updated my last story since sometime in November. I just don’t feel any desire to finish it, since it is based on a part of my life that is completely dead to me now. But I do want to start another story. I just have no ideas. It’s kind of strange, actually. I can sit here and write for twenty minutes to half an hour (an hour on a good day) every day, and yet I can’t even get a starting idea for a story. For a long time now, I’ve wanted to write some sort of science fiction story. Of course, the danger there…Continue Reading

Motivation for Organization

Since today was just an average Sunday, I won’t go into much detail except to mention that tonight the guys are meeting at Pastor Dave’s house to eat pizza and play poker. He’s one of the few pastors at our church that doesn’t mind playing cards, but his email to the guys was “written in code,” mentioning a “special” tournament, in case his wife or one of the pastors intercepted the email.

So anyways, I’ll try to keep this entry short, since I don’t have much to say. Yesterday evening was sort of a strange night, but definitely a productive one. My mom needed to use the computer for an hour or two last night, so I had to find something else to do during that time. I already mentioned that I filled in my income tax forms, so that was done. I went up to my room and read Red Rabbit for a little bit, and then started to get a strange feeling, an overwhelming need to organize. It’s something that doesn’t happen very often. I usually organize under the guise of being disorganized. I mean, I can find anything I want in my room, it’s just that no one else can. But what do I care? It’s my room. Maybe I don’t want anyone else to find anything.

But anyways, I started to look over what I’ve been planning to read for my daily devotions for the next little while. I’ve got to finish up the Purpose-Driven Life,…Continue Reading

Pearly Whites

Dentists suck. They derive pleasure from picking at other people’s gums and using obscure terms that no one understands but other dentists. I think dentists should be required to marry other dentists so that they don’t have the chance to bore their spouse, and hopefully the happy couples will go on vacations together and get lost or stranded.

If you couldn’t guess by now, I had a dentist appointment today. I’ve never really enjoyed going to the dentist’s office, but when I was little I didn’t mind it. Now I do. Every time I go in there, a few things are mentioned without fail. One of them happens as soon as they look at my teeth. They see the one on the bottom and ask, “Is that a baby tooth?” My first inclination is to say, “Well, I don’t know. You’re the dentist; why don’t you tell me?” It’s stupid, because every time I go in there, they ask that, even though it’s in my dental records – which they always look at afterward. My two front teeth on the bottom never developed permanent teeth underneath them. One of them fell out, but the other one has stood strong under pressure and decided to stay there. It now becomes a point of conversation for the dentists. When the head honcho dentist came into the room today to check over my teeth, they started talking about it. They were talking about eyeteeth and 2-10s or something. Then the lady that was…Continue Reading

The Night Life

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I think I’m burning myself out, and I barely do anything compared to some people. I barely have any energy anymore, and it’s getting worse. The worst part about it is that I have no idea how to stop it. Today I woke up at about 5:15 AM and then again at 6:30 AM. When I woke up the second time I thought, “Oh good, at least I only have a half hour to wait. I’ll just doze off until my alarm goes off.” About ten minutes later I realized that it was Sunday, so my alarm wasn’t set, and that I still had over an hour – breakfast is usually around 8:00 on Sundays at our house. So, like I do so often now, I rolled over with a groan, pulled the covers up over my head, and tried to get back to sleep. I don’t even remember if it worked, but it definitely doesn’t feel like it did considering how tired I was.

Last night I was out at a party/get-together thing at Jake Dreyer’s house. The funniest part is that I’ve only met the guy once – and that was when I was at his house before, at New Year’s. He thought I was Geoff Tyers, but Angelie tried to explain to him that I was a different Jeff. But whatever. He invited Geoff thinking it was me, so I went. I knew several of the people there, since it was mostly people from Central Baptist youth.…Continue Reading

Belated Valentine’s

The talk of our school for the next little while is definitely going to be what happened at the end of today. The guys of the school are definitely going to be in the girls’ good books for a while now. Shall I continue? Seeing as I have nothing else to talk about, I think I shall.

About five or ten minutes from the end of the school day, Mr. G stopped his class and asked all the girls to go into the lunch room and sit in the seats provided there. He then went into the other classroom and asked the same of the girls there. All the guys came into the Grade 11-12 classroom, and we put into action the plan we had come up with over a week ago. Mr. G had gone out and bought yellow roses (yellow symbolizes friendship, apparently) – one for each girl there, including one for Mrs. Houtman. He wrote all the names down on paper and we each picked one, with Jonathan and myself having to pick two since Mrs. Houtman was one extra and Bas was sick today. We each got a rose and then waited outside of the lunchroom, in the hallway.

Mr. Gillmore went into the lunch room and told the girls – who apparently were scared because they thought they were in trouble or something – that he was going to call each of their names one by one and the guys were going to come in…Continue Reading