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The Buffet of Kings

Today was pretty strange. Not too much has happened, but the pastor’s sermon today could have easily come straight from the entry I posted yesterday. He spoke from Acts 5:17-42, and especially from 33-41 with the part where Gamaliel speaks. His basic points were that Human Attempts will Fail, Heaven’s Agenda is Favour, and the Holy Anointed will Flourish (note the nifty use of alliteration). Except for the third point, the pastor’s sermon basically lined up exactly with what I said yesterday. I was pretty astounded. Hey, at least I know I’m right now – although I knew that before anyways. It was just kind of confirmation for me, so that was pretty cool.

After church, my sister went off to work, and my parents, Mrs. Haacke, and I went out to King’s Buffet for lunch. There I saw some of the people from Central, so I went over and said hello to them. The time was spent mostly with my parents and Mrs. Haacke talking, and me eating. I expected that when I agreed to go, though. The reason I went is because otherwise I’d have to find some lunch for myself at home. The most interesting thing that happened there, though, was when I dropped a piece of pork on my pants. I was cutting something and then my knife slipped, knocking the slice of pork right onto my crotch. It was a little awkward. I didn’t say anything, and nobody noticed, so I quickly scooped it back…Continue Reading

Interviews, Driving Lessons, and Bizarre Plans

Well, yesterday was mildly interesting. The interview at Sears went pretty well, I thought. I just have no idea if I have a chance of getting hired. The guy interviewing me seemed to be interested; however, he wasn’t in charge of hiring in the right department. Since the lady who had called was on vacation and left his extension on her voicemail message, I had called him to see if he could help. However, this lady was in charge of the sales associate positions, and he was in charge of sales support. So, he told me he’d forward it on to the people in the sales associate department – that’s not an encouraging statement, but it was all I could really do. I assume that since he had decided to set up an interview with me that he won’t just hand them my resume and application and say nothing, but rather tell them what he thought of me as well. And as I said before, he seemed interested. So it’s not a total loss or anything, it’s just completely uncertain what the outcome will be. It’s in God’s hands, though.

After the interview, I headed over to Central and went upstairs. Everyone was in the middle of prayer, so I slipped in as quietly as I could and just sat down on the couch. After they were finished, they asked me how the interview went and such, and we had a jolly good time talking about jobs and stuff –…Continue Reading

Phone Calls, Port Dover, Etc.

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Well, there’s not much to talk about today. That’s a good thing, considering I don’t have that much time anyways. I have to be heading off to Port Dover in about an hour. I suppose that’s enough time to write a huge blog entry, but I also have other things to do. Anyways, today I’m pretty tired, for mainly one reason: Steph. I suppose it’s not really her fault, but whatever. Let me tell you the story.

I was talking to Melissa and Steph yesterday about going to Port Dover. Everything was fine, and I figured I’d just make the final sort of arrangements today when I saw them at school. After all, most of it was already arranged by my youth group; it was mostly a matter of me knowing whether I had to pick them up or whether they were getting dropped off at the church. Anyways, everything was fine and dandy until the ride home on the bus after school, when I realized that I wasn’t going to see either of them tomorrow. They, Jon, and Bethany were helping out at CBA’s softball tournament, so they weren’t going to be at school. That’s when I started to think of emergency backup plan #1.

Well, okay, I didn’t call it that. But I had to get ahold of one of them last night so that they could figure everything out between themselves today. So I called Steph’s house. Her brother told me that she was working until 10:30…Continue Reading

Lethargy and a Broken Arm

I don’t feel like writing too much today. I’m still dead tired from last night. It was a fun night and everything, but too long when you’re already tired to begin with. I had to go pick up Jordan and Angelie as well as Steph from work, and then we all went over to Jake’s house and had some fun times. I sat on the couch for about an hour with Melissa leaning on me. Let’s just say that my arm is now broken. Well, not really, but I like making fun of people’s weight when it’s obvious that they’d never make it as a sumo wrestler.

At about 11:15 PM, I decided I had better go home. My dad had said that 10:30 would be a good time, so I think I went a little over on that, but oh well. I gave Angelie and Kristy a ride to Angelie’s place, Steph a ride to her grandma’s house, and Jordan a ride to his house. I was a little ticked off, though, partially for choosing to hang around with friends that are younger than me. It’s really annoying having to drive people around all the time, but whatever. The part that really ticked me off quite a bit was Kristy. I told everyone that I was going and that I could give people rides, and what does Kristy say? Not a “Thank you for giving me a ride, I appreciate it,” but rather “Could we stop at Tim Horton’s?”…Continue Reading

Car Rides, Movies, and Nose-Blowing

Wow, what a night it was last night, and what a day it was today. I wouldn’t say it was crazy, but it was definitely getting up there. Last night after youth, people decided to go over to Nathan’s house. Don’t worry – he and his parents were fine with it, we made sure of that first. So since I had my car there, I had to get directions to his house and drive Jordan, Bethany, Angelie, and Anita to the house. That was crazy, let me tell you. That is the most people I’ve ever driven around at once. I mean, it really doesn’t sound like much, but I’ve never done it before. The most I’ve ever driven around (besides family) is two people, so to have a full car was something new. This whole driving my friends around is completely new to me. I mean, it only started about a week or two ago when Vince and I went to a movie and my dad actually let me pick him up and drive him. Before then I was never allowed to drive anyone else in the car (although I must admit that I did anyways sometimes).

So that was interesting. I remember getting out of the car after I parked (first time parallel parking since my G2 road test, although I just basically pulled up behind a car, so it wasn’t too hard) and thinking, “Wow. This is awesome! I love driving my friends around!” We went inside…Continue Reading


Woohoo! I’m the proud new owner of a Creative MuVo 256 MB Mp3 Player! I just went out to Future Shop today and bought one, and I must say that it’s pretty slick and nifty. It’s also pretty nick and slifty. It’s got room for about 50 songs, which is pretty cool. I’m sure it will work just fine for me, and I’ve got a 30-day trial period just in case it doesn’t. That little black part on it actually separates from the rest of the player and is the part that is plugged into the computer with a USB port. That’s a pretty cool feature since it means that there are no wires to deal with – not that that’s really too much of a problem, but still, it’s less of a hassle.

Jordan stayed over at my house last night because Stephanie, Angelie, and Anita were sleeping over at his house with Bethany. They went to see a Starfield concert and such, and then came back to his house. He had good reason to avoid that whole clan, but even more so since Angelie wasn’t going to be allowed to come if Jordan was there. Her parents are a bit protective, but likely wise in the way they handle things – although sometimes I doubt she thinks that. Anyway, he and I talked to people on MSN and ate bread with peanut butter until about 2:30 or 3:00 AM and then went to sleep on the two…Continue Reading

Sleepless Nights and Launching Out

I’m in a strange mood today. I have no clue what I’m feeling. I also have no clue what to write here. For lunch I had a peanut butter and grape jam sandwich as well as some reheated Kraft Dinner from yesterday. It really didn’t go together that well, but oh well. I watched Star Wars Episode 2 as well, just because I felt like it. I was going to watch Episode 1, but it turns out that my sister decided to tape over it with some stupid Trading Spaces episode. Oh well. Once Episode 3 comes out, they’ll probably have some deal with all three episodes in a box set, so I’ll buy that then. Besides, Episode 1 isn’t that great anyways.

That’s about all I have to say about this entire day. Sad, isn’t it? Absolutely nothing happened, other than waking up about 8:30 and almost screaming at the clock. I mean, I’m so tired and I can’t sleep for more than 9 hours on a day when I could sleep the whole day and it wouldn’t even matter! I’m so frustrated with whatever the heck is doing this to my body. I’m so tired, and yet my body says, “Hey, let’s screw around with him by waking up when he doesn’t even have to.” I woke up this morning to a racking headache that decided not to go away the night before. It caused me a sleepless night, but also cut it short at the same time.…Continue Reading