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The Morning After

Stiffness and soreness are the two words that best described today. Groans could be heard from all corners of the room all throughout the day as people struggled to get out of their desks or walk down the hallways. A muscle right near my knee joint started twitching halfway through the day, and Zac could barely move his neck, groaning in pain every time he laughed.

On top of stiffness, my neck also hurt because of my sore throat. I’m not sure whether I caught it from skiing or whether I caught my dad’s cold, or maybe a combination of both, but something in my neck was really aching all day. Maybe it was my tonsils? I really don’t know. When I woke up I could barely hear myself because my voice was below the human range of hearing. Everything just hurt.

There’s something to be said in favour of adrenaline. It gives an incredible rush, makes you more alert, and numbs pain all at the same time. Unfortunately, once it wears off, the pain comes back in full force for retaliation, and your alertness level becomes almost nonexistent. At least in roller coasters you don’t feel physical pain. Skiing is a different matter. Even if you never fall, your legs still ache afterwards from basically squatting most of the day. On the chairlifts, it felt so good to just stretch my legs out as far as I could. The skis on my feet made it a little hard with…Continue Reading

The Skiing Saga

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Skiing today was amazing. Besides waking up at the unruly hour of 5:00 AM, the day was great. After getting our ski equipment and such, I went to the testing area and got my green sticker – which allows you to go on a couple really easy hills. Bas, Mark, and myself then went to the lesson in order to get our orange sticker, which was really boring, but the guy was funny, so that made up for it. After getting our orange, we could go on any slope in the park (besides the closed ones, of course).

At first I was a little shaky about going down the black diamond hills. Although two years ago when I went, I got my orange sticker, I never went down any orange hills, because all my friends only had their green. But this year was different. A bunch of us had our orange stickers, so we started tackling the harder hills. The first one we tried was crazy. There was this really steep part that was amazingly fast, and then it leveled out at the end as it merged with the green hills. The first few times I found it really hard and kept wiping out. However, Jonathan had a bright idea, though when he first mentioned it, it didn’t seem so bright. He said that he had wiped out the last time he had gone down the hill because he was carving back and forth (or whatever you call it). When…Continue Reading

My Expository Essay on Skiing (and Moving Dirt)

March 1st is now officially labelled “The Day in Which Nothing Interesting Happens.” The entire month of February is now also labelled “The Month in Which Nothing Interesting Happens.” Well, okay, perhaps that’s a little untrue. But today wasn’t all that interesting. I got to make fun of people, but I get to do that every day. That was the extent of my excitement. I kept yawning every five minutes or so, partially because of a lack of sleep, and partially because I didn’t have anything better to do. “Hmm, what should I do? I can’t think of anything. I might as well yawn.”

So instead of boring you faithful yet non-existant readers with the contents of my day – which are as interesting as the contents of my upheaved stomach upon the table (which isn’t very interesting, in case you were wondering), I will instead talk about the upcoming, forthcoming, and oncoming event, which is to come. The entire school is going to Talisman to go skiing. Our day actually begins at the indecent hour of 6:00 AM, before the sun even gets up in the morning. Before the itinerary was announced, I was completely unaware that there was such a thing as a 6:00 AM. I was under the impression that it was a thing reserved for the 1800s, when people got up before they went to bed so they could get out for a long day on the farm, tending the crops and making sure they grazed…Continue Reading