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The Divine Debasement

Religion, in all its diversity, has a vast range of effects on people. For some, the interaction between religion and the individual is very positive. Religious beliefs bring them hope, peace, and a stable optimism that helps them to become caring and compassionate people. There are many ways to explain this, of course. It may be that these people are just kind people, and would be so with or without religion. Or, it may be that religion creates this kindness and stability within them. What is most likely, though, is that it is a combination of both: These people are naturally predisposed to being kind people, and religion both encourages this and provides ways to manifest these positive qualities. If this is the case, religion can have very positive effects for these people.Continue Reading


Sometimes it’s all I can do Just to keep on trying, Just to get up when I fall, And continue on with You.

Sometimes the path ahead Seems too daunting. Sometimes it seems as if I’m on this path alone.

But most often I feel That You could never love Someone as shameful as me; I’m a blemish on Your reputation.

And yet You look down On me in love. You are always smiling Because above all, I am Yours.

Help me remember this In these times when it’s so hard: When all I ever do is fail You, You try ever harder to reach me.

You are the One that sustains me; You are the One who catches me When I fall, and who holds me In His mighty hand.

Your face is what I seek; Though I struggle and strain, Remember that my only desire Is to know You more and better.

Hold me in Your outstretched arms. Let Your love shine ever down on me. And though I am weak and frail, Your strength will sustain me always.

Which is better: to make a promise that you know you can’t keep, or to never make the promise and keep on doing what you wanted to promise to avoid? I ask this because I truly don’t know. Often I’ll sin, and then I’ll realize it as the Holy Spirit convicts me; however, as I sit there in the knowledge of my sin and ask God for His forgiveness,…Continue Reading


I don’t have much to say today – yet again. I haven’t hung out with anyone in a few days, but that’s alright. If nothing happens tonight, I’ll get to see people tomorrow for sure at youth. I’ve called a few businesses again today trying to follow up on resumes and interviews and such. Home Hardware said they still had more people to interview, and then they’d get back to me. The other ones I tried calling either didn’t pick up the phone, or they told me there weren’t any positions available. I guess that was to be expected, since if they were looking for someone, they likely would have called me already. So Home Hardware still remains as my best option.

God’s been teaching me a few things lately. Although I don’t quite understand it fully, it goes something like this: God doesn’t want me to try to fix my problems, but rather He wants me to fix the relationship with Him so that He can fix them. A lot of times I’ll pray and ask God for forgiveness for something I’ve done wrong, and I’ll ask Him to help me fix the situation and fix the bad habits I have. I mean, that’s what everyone’s always told me that God wants. Once we have a relationship with Him, He wants us to live a holy life, right? Yes and no.

You see, God does want us to live a holy life, that’s true. But we can be living…Continue Reading