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Sickness, Servanthood, and Such

Here I am with pants and a sweater on, and I’m freezing cold. I woke up today and felt horrible, with a headache, very sore throat, and a stiff neck just thrown in there for good measure. I have to work tonight, so I was hoping that this stuff would go away by then; however, it’s all still here, and there’s only three hours left for it to disappear. I think perhaps I caught a cold or something. I took some Tylenol at lunchtime to see if it would help, but I didn’t even notice a difference. Then, after lunch, I took a little nap for an hour or so; however, I just basically ended up laying there for about 45 minutes and getting about 15 minutes of sleep. It wasn’t much of a help, in other words. I’m just trying to figure out where I picked this up from. Maybe it was from getting thrown in the pool at Steph’s house, but I would have thought that it would have shown up the next day instead of two days later. If it’s not from that, then it must have been something from yesterday. Either one of the Staats kids was carrying something (as little kids often are), or another one of the people in the youth group was. I guess I might have picked it up at McDonalds as well, but that’s not as likely.

With that said, though, I’m trying my best just to keep myself going. I…Continue Reading


Today was horrible. The entire morning I was dreading the second period – swimming. When I got to school, I realized that, on top of the torture of swimming, we also had three other subjects with Mr. G. That was just another piece of bad news to pile on top of the rest. But the swimming was definitely in the forefront of my mind.

We got there and changed, then the swimming instructors told us to line up in three lines and to swim to one end of the pool to the other end so they could figure out the level of swimming we were at. I think I got about halfway down the pool, and then the lady came along and told me I could just come back. Of course, I had already told her that I couldn’t swim, but she just told me to try anyway.

So we divided up into two groups, with most of the people being in the more advanced category, and Holly, Sarah, Wes, and myself in the beginner’s category. Of those four people, I was the worst swimmer. It was like a double insult – not only was I in the worst level of swimming, but also the worst in that level. It’s not my fault that I just can’t float. But anyways, she got the other people swimming a little bit and worked on my floating. I think I actually floated a little bit, but it took like all the effort I…Continue Reading

Basketball, Sickness, Yay

Yet another crazy day means yet another day without an entry. But that’s okay. Considering there’s no obligation for me to post daily, I’m not too worried about missing a day. Besides, I’m sick.

Yesterday was the second half of our basketball tournament (since we went on the wrong day the first time), in which the guys lost all their games and the girls got second place. Before anyone makes the claim that girls are obviously better than guys, be reminded that the girls were playing against other girls’ teams, which are much easier to play against. They just do these big lob passes that sometimes work but are really easy to pick off. Fortunately, they usually work because girls never seem to be able to jump very high. With guys, it’s a different matter. You have to do short, quick passes, or they’ll be picked off immediately. And you know that if they’re picked off, its probably about an 80% chance that they’re going to get a basket.

Anyways, because the girls got into the playoffs, Mr. G decided that the guys should cheer them on (even though we really didn’t pay much attention to the game). I just sat on the sidelines and tried to close my eyes. I was running on about 3 or 4 hours of sleep minus the physical exhaustion from the three basketball games I had played. I’ve been sick for the past couple of days, and so I hadn’t slept well the night…Continue Reading


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Today I woke up and was completely light-headed and dizzy. While some might think that this might happen every day, as I am a person with no brain, I get used to the feeling after a while. This time it was even worse. I stood up and nearly fell over, and I had trouble walking and coordinating my feet. It felt like I had a headache, but at the same time I didn’t have a headache. It was strange.

After breakfast and a shower, things were a little more normal. I just had a regular old headache that kept throbbing my brain (or lack thereof) and being the general pain that headaches usually are. I still have a headache as I’m writing this; in fact, it hasn’t completely left for about a week now. I went to church and basically just zoned out completely. This wasn’t done on purpose, but any concentration either was painful or next to impossible.

So, now here I am right before lunch, writing this blog entry. After lunch, I have to go get ready for work and then spend four and a quarter hours there. Thankfully, my cough has, for the most part, gone away thanks to the Nyquil I took last night (which also put me out like a light – another thing for which I’m grateful). I made the decision this morning to go to work just because, even though I’m not 100% better, I’m still on the way there and I’m not…Continue Reading

The Black Plague

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Here I am, sitting in front of the computer on New Year’s Eve, deathly sick. Well okay, maybe not deathly, but it definitely feels that way. I think I must have picked up a cold or the flu or something up at Ottawa. While I was up there, I kept on sneezing, probably because of the dust in the house, but that meant that my nose would get stuffed up at night, so I would sleep and breathe through my mouth. That would give me a sore throat, and that would make me cough. So I figured the coughing would stop once my throat felt better. But apparently that’s not the case.

Last night I worked from 5-10:15, and it was the longest shift ever. I felt like crap the entire time, with a headache, sore throat, and a nasty cough that wouldn’t go away. Later on, when I got home, I realized I had a fever as well (it may have started at work, but I don’t really know). Fevers have got to be one of the worst things on the planet. Here I was in my nice, warm house shivering and feeling like I was outside. Once I went to bed, I was curled up under the covers shivering for about half an hour before I actually started warming up. Then I suddenly got really hot and took off the covers. That’s what makes fevers so annoying – one minute you’re freezing, and the next minute you’re boiling…Continue Reading