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Job Hunting and a Few Thoughts

Today has been another day of preparing more resumes to be sent out. I’m still hoping against all hope that Bluenotes will call me back so I can just finish up this whole arduous process of trying to find a job. I’ve been praying that God would help me in this, and I’m really hoping that Bluenotes is the place He wants me to work. Why? Well, because that means I don’t have to send out another 10 or 12 resumes and go through the whole process again. I just want to get a job and be finished with this whole thing.

As I had that mindset last night, I picked up the book that I’ve been reading for the past little while, Spiritual Warfare, and kept reading where I last left off. It was talking about wilderness experiences, where God tests us to produce proven character. One line that the author said really stood out to me, though. It was this: “There is not a moment in time when God is not working in you.” It really hit me like a brick to the head. Too often we can look back on our really hard times or something and tell that God was working in us then, but the truth is that He is always working in us. It’s not just when we’re going through a hard time where we need more patience or strength or something. He’s always pouring in more and more of these qualities and working…Continue Reading

Resumes Flying Everywhere

Well, not much happened today. Today was another day of handing out resumes. I gave out another ten, most of them at the mall today. It included Sunrise Records, Music World, Bluenotes, Electronics Boutique, Sears, Sport Chek, and Mrs. Vanelli’s. Don’t even ask me why I chose those ones, but they were better than the alternatives, I suppose. Sport Chek was included because Melissa told me that they just got rid of four people and will hire anyone who can walk. I considered dropping Mrs. Vanelli’s from the list, just because it’s a food place in the mall, but when I walked by it, I noticed that it had a sign saying “Help Wanted,” so I figured I might as well. On top of those at the mall, I also applied to Canadian Tire, Smith Drugs & Apothecary, and The Gospel Lighthouse. Why, you ask? Well, why not?

In total, I’ve handed out 20 resumes, as well as applying for two more online (The Source). This morning I just prayed that God would open up the door of the place He wants me to work. I’ve just been handing them out left and right, and I don’t know if I’ll actually get any responses. However, I know that if God wants me to work somewhere, He’ll make all the necessary arrangements to do that. I’ve done what I could by applying to all the places that I could think of, so it’s not in my hands anymore. On top of…Continue Reading

Job Hunting

I’m tired. It’s strange how job hunting is so tiring, even though you really don’t do much. The entire day, I’ve basically been working on resumes and such. In the morning, I was printing out cover letters and resumes and putting them in envelopes. Then I figured out which places I was going to and in which order. Then, in the afternoon, I took the car and drove around the city, basically going in a big loop. I headed down Brantwood, turned right onto Lynden Rd. and stopped at the Tim Horton’s there, then continued down to Future Shop. After that, I turned left on Wayne Gretzky Parkway and crossed the parking lot into Super A Video, then crossed West St. to the Tim Horton’s on the other side of the road. After that, I headed to Williams (who I know are hiring), and then went back to Wayne Gretzky again and travelled all the way down to Colborne St. I turned right and headed to Jumbo Video, then kept going down to Brant Ave. and then onto St. Paul, which turns into King George Rd. While on that road, I stopped in at Rogers Video, Blockbuster, and Tim Horton’s. I continued down King George until I got to Wal-Mart, and dropped off my final resume there. Then I headed down Powerline and home. It was like a massive loop, and I was proud of how smoothly it went considering my horrible directional skills. I was thinking I was going…Continue Reading