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Evolution and Morality

Errors, Evolution, and Ethics

Every week during the school year, I get a newsletter from my former high school. It’s a Christian school, with a conservative Baptist principal, so the content is almost always something with which I now disagree. I generally skim through it to see what diatribe he’s on this week (it’s virtually always about the importance of Christian education…how unexpected!). But the newsletter from a couple weeks ago (Sept. 30) was about bullying in particular. The topic was sparked as a result of the recent tragic news of the suicide of an 11-year-old boy. But instead of pointing the blame at the bullies themselves, possible neglectful attitudes of school teachers and staff, or the social stigma surrounding persons with disabilities (the boy had muscular dystrophy), my former principal decided to pinpoint a different cause. I’ll let him explain:Continue Reading

I Think I Have “Issues”

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I am, again, not quite sure what to write today. Experiencing the effects of one less hour of sleep due to Daylight Savings Time is never fun. But I went to church today and experienced something that I’m quite confused about. There was a guest speaker there with the last name Bombay (I forget what his first name was) who spoke about a bunch of different stuff, mostly about getting back the “resurrection power” that Pentecostals seem to have lost. At the end, a bunch of people came to the altar to receive baptism of the Holy Spirit. But the problem is that I have no clue what that really is. I mean, I’m a Pentecostal by upbringing, but up until a couple years ago I had never heard that term. A couple people were shaking or falling back when the pastor laid his hands on them, and I was just sitting there taking it in. I don’t know what to think about the subject.

On the one hand, if it’s real, I don’t want to doubt God and miss out on it. If God is doing this, then I’m all for it. On the other hand, if this is due to some strange mystical thing, I’m not sure I want to be a part of it. I’ve read some pretty strong opinions against this sort of thing, but I also don’t see much evidence of it in the Bible. I’ve read about speaking in tongues, yes, but not about…Continue Reading