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Pesky, Pesky Females

Once again, I am at a loss for words. Besides all of my words being twisted around to mean something they didn’t actually mean, nothing much happened today. If you want an example of this, you need look no further than Steph herself. Somehow girls have the annoying ability to take everything – and I mean everything – the wrong way. A while ago, on a blog far, far away (actually, on this blog, April 2nd, 2005), I was writing about how she was pestering me to know who I liked, and the funny thing was that “I really don’t even have anyone I like.” That’s an exact quote. And somehow she tried to make that seem that the “really” meant that it wasn’t “really” and that there actually is someone I like. Then, to prove her point, she used this: “I mean, I have a few girls that I wouldn’t mind going out with, but I’m not obsessed with anyone. I would like some if they liked me, but I’m not going to waste my time trying to get them to. And some of them were there last night, too.” She then said that since “some of them were there,” that implies that I liked someone that was there. But she managed to miss the entire point of the paragraph, which was that I don’t like anyone. But still, a month later, she can’t understand it. This frustrates me.

I cannot stand how women turn everything around to mean…Continue Reading

Track and Field

Well, today was Track and Field at Assumption. It was really strange seeing all these kids running around that I didn’t know, since I really don’t have much contact with CBA anymore – except for this once-a-year Track and Field, of course. I was helping out at standing long jump, the event that everyone does since it’s so easy. It was Jessica, Meagan, and I, plus the lady that was in charge of the event. I’m really not sure why we had three people helping out there on top of the person in charge. It was pointless. They just jump on a mat and we record how far they jumped. It’s not rocket science. There’s no sand to rake, you need one person to see how far they jumped, maybe two at the most, and the lady writes down all the jumps and also looks to make sure they don’t let their toes go over the line.

What I ended up doing so I didn’t waste my precious time was to suggest that one person go off each time. That way, one of us could have a break, and two people would still be helping out. It worked out pretty well, and it made more sense to me than having everyone do it all the time. Besides, I was looking forward to having my time off; Meagan and Jessica talk the most out of anyone in our school.

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Long Night

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Well, Quizno’s decided to bite back for the last time. Tonight was my last shift, and it was supposed to be Kyle, Brittney, and myself working. Brittney never showed up, so it turned out to be just Kyle and me. That was alright. It was pretty dead for most of the night. Then about an hour before close, people just started streaming in, and we had a solid hour of customers. We ended up getting out an hour late because the stupid people just wouldn’t go away.

Whatever. I’m glad to be out of that place. I’d rather visit every once in a while and be on the other side of the counter for a change. I like the people there, and I’m going to miss them, but I could care less for the place itself and all its dirty floors and nasty sub smells.

So anyways, now that I’m home here, I have to sort through a mess I created between two friends of mine. They used to be going out, but they broke up, and now he’s mad at her and she’s mad at him, blah blah blah. I’m involved because I told both sides too much of what the other said. And now I’m arguing with the female side. I got all mad at her, though, because I’ve been in a bad mood at first of all having to deal with the whole thing, and also having a crappy day. Actually, as I write this, I’m still…Continue Reading

The Rules of Attraction

Heh. Today I heard some updates about what’s been going on in the soap opera life of our school. There’s this grade nine kid, Aaron, who apparently likes my cousin, Bethany, who’s in her second year of Grade 12 currently (she just needed some extra credits and stuff). So he’s been following her around at lunchtime even when she moves to another table far away from him, and constantly tries to sit next to her. Hah, I can’t help but laugh when I hear this stuff because I remember when I was exactly like that.

It was back when I was in Grade 10. I was stupid back then. I was obsessed with a girl who shall remain nameless. I always tried to get as close to her as possible; I did everything I could to talk to her and make her laugh and all that great stuff that obsessed people try to do. On Valentine’s Day I gave her a thoughtful little present that I laboriously toiled over for hours, wanting to make it perfect. I got a mutual friend to ask her if she liked me; turns out she didn’t. I gave her the present anyway, and then asked her later on MSN and she still hadn’t changed.

That brings me to another point: Why is it that girls always seem to flirt with you even though they have no attraction to you whatsoever? It just doesn’t make sense. They lead you on to thinking they’re interested in…Continue Reading

Aligning Your Faith

Well, I did it. I apologized to Kayla for being such a loser lately. It’s not like I was afraid or nervous to talk to her about it. However, I’m one of those people who hates to admit that they’re wrong. I’ve been known to be in the middle of an argument and suddenly see that the other person is right, yet still continue my side of the argument anyways.

So I admitted that I was wrong. All I did was make fun of her and tell her that the new relationship she was in wouldn’t work out. I told her I’d give it a month. In fact, when she told me about it, I told her I’d start placing bets as to how long it would last. I mean, how pathetically low was that? She’s still my friend, or at least she used to be. I just lost sight of that completely. I exchanged friendship for an outlet to get my anger out. And she doesn’t deserve that. Nobody deserves that.

I apologized to her and I still feel pretty bad about the whole thing. Perhaps I can mend everything up; I sure hope I can anyways. If not, then I suppose that’s what I deserve for doing this. I mean, I claim to be a Christian, and yet I can’t love someone whom God loves? The Bible speaks out endlessly about loving your neighbour as yourself, and about how love is shown to God by loving others. There’s…Continue Reading

Hidden Bitterness

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Okay, get ready for a really psychological post. Bear with me, this stuff interests me. And since this happens to be my blog, you either have to sit through it and read it all, or just leave. But as I said before, what’s the point of being here if you don’t want to read what I write?

Anyway, that’s not what I wanted to get onto. I could probably talk for an hour on that topic as well, but I won’t. I decided to write this about hidden bitterness. I want to explain the situation a bit more, though. I had a girlfriend, Kayla, during the summer as most of you know, and now we’ve broken up and theoretically are still “friends.” But continuing to be friends with her has been anything but easy.

Breaking up was her decision. It was going to be pretty hard to keep it going since we’d never see each other. When you’ve just come out of a summer of seeing each other almost every day, that’s a bit hit. We’d be going to different schools and everything. I still wanted to keep the relationship going; I was convinced that we could still make it work. But I suspect that a few other guys she had met had shown her that there would be many other options during high school, and I’m thinking that influenced her decision. I could name names, but she said it didn’t have to do with anyone in particular, and I…Continue Reading

Rise Against – Blood to Bleed

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This place rings with echoes ofLives once lived but now are lostTime spent wondering about tomorrowI don’t care if we lose it all tonightUp in flames, burning brightWarming the air of the world

“I don’t love you anymore” is all I remember you telling meNever have I felt so coldBut I’ve no more blood to bleed‘Cause my heart has been draining into the sea

Since I’ve taken your footstepsGetting me closer to what is leftOf the dreams of what I once claimed to knowWithin my bones this resonatesBoiling blood will circulateCould you tell me again what you did this for?

Still I waitWith a hope inside of me (inside of me)So still (so still) I wait (I wait)Until again we meetUntil again we meet

I just think this song is awesome. It has great guitar and drums, along with the amazing raspy voice of the lead singer. Stylistically, I love this song. But as with all music with words sung or spoken, the lyrics are one of the more important parts. I’ve always hated songs where the music is awesome but the lyrics mean nothing. I mean, those songs have their place; maybe they’re supposed to be silly or the songwriter has a deeper meaning behind them. However, songs with no meaning are just useless. It’s like trying to make a movie by just showing random images and video clips of anything and everything. Some people of the more artistic mindset who will give you the benefit of the doubt…Continue Reading