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Thoughts, Splayed Out for All to See

Bear with me today. I have a whole bunch of random thoughts in my head that I need to write down here. Wait, that’s no different from any other day. But oh well.

First thing up: my pastor used to be a funeral director for a while before he came to our church. With the recent death of a person in my church, the topic of the funeral came up. And of course, the slightly morbid joke came into my head: “Funeral directors are in such high demand. Everyone’s just dying to meet them.” Groan, throw things at me, and then move on. You knew it was coming.

On a completely different topic, I’ve been trying to think of something to write about for my story. I talked about it a while ago somewhere in my mass of blog entries. As of now, I haven’t updated my last story since sometime in November. I just don’t feel any desire to finish it, since it is based on a part of my life that is completely dead to me now. But I do want to start another story. I just have no ideas. It’s kind of strange, actually. I can sit here and write for twenty minutes to half an hour (an hour on a good day) every day, and yet I can’t even get a starting idea for a story. For a long time now, I’ve wanted to write some sort of science fiction story. Of course, the danger there…Continue Reading

Sociality 101

I’ve been on a killing spree today. All day, I’ve been going around killing people. I’ve had people to help me, but I was in charge of the whole thing. I’m not even sure how many people I’ve killed just today. It must be in at least the hundreds. And the funny thing is that all the people I’ve killed were midgets. Come to think of it, all the people that helped me kill them were midgets as well.

Man, I love video games. All day I’ve been playing Age of Empires II, this great game where you have control of any one of a number of different civilizations from the Middle Ages. It’s an awesome game, and the only game that has continued to keep my interest. I’ve gotten into other games before, but none have kept my interest for that long. Second place would probably go to The Sims, but Age of Empires definitely wins over that one by a long shot. There’s something to be said for sending a whole ton of cavaliers into a town and just obliterating the entire place – people and buildings. The Koreans are especially dangerous, with their heavily armoured Turtle Ships (the cool looking ones with the spikes on the outside) and their War Wagons that fire massive arrows out of a wagon pulled by horses. It’s an amazing feeling to seize control of a massive army of both land-based and sea-based units, and simultaneously coordinate a land and sea battle…Continue Reading


Well, I decided I’d write this to follow up on what happened with the meeting at North Park today. As you can likely guess from the title, the meeting went quite well. She basically handed me a form and said, “Write down the courses you want, and then we’ll talk about any questions you have.” I wrote down what I wanted, and then brought up the question of prerequisites. Unfortunately, I ended up having to put down the Grade 11 Chemistry and Physics courses as well, which I didn’t want to have to do, but which I thought I would likely have to do anyways.

After I filled in the sheet, we basically talked for a little bit about universities and such, she gave me a couple books about Guelph University, because she was mentioning about a program they have called Akademia, which basically gives a general program for the first year for those who can’t decide between Arts and Sciences. I must say that I’m a little undecided on that issue. I know I want to get into Psychology, but I’m not sure whether I’d want a BA or a BSc. I decided a while ago that I’d probably want a BA, because BSc deals more with Neuropsychology and brain functions rather than the actual thoughts and actions of disorders and such – as far as I can tell, anyways. It might be a good idea to check out that program, although I hadn’t really considered Guelph as much…Continue Reading

Singing and Walls (Any Relation to Each Other? Nope.)

I’m not quite sure what to say today. On the one hand, I’m still feeling strange, the same as yesterday. And on the other hand, I’m feeling a lot better. It’s sort of a mixture, I suppose. I’m pretty tired right now, though, so that might be partly affecting my mood. It’s never fun waking up at about 6:00 or 6:30 AM (I just remember that it was 6 something). I woke up and looked up at the clock, groaned, rolled over, and tried to get back to sleep. I had this weird dream about rescuing people from a car crash. I’m not sure why I was there in the first place, but whatever. It was strange. I think the dream started before I woke up, though, and then continued on after I fell back asleep. I can’t exactly remember, but I think that’s what happened, which is pretty strange and cool at the same time.

Anyways, I woke up again at about 9:00 or so, and stayed in bed, half-asleep, until around 10:00. I went and had a shower and changed right away to try and wake myself up, which didn’t really work, but whatever. I went downstairs and played my bass for a while. I was going to learn a Blindside song, but I decided to look over the Trading My Sorrows bass tab for some reason. The last time I was practicing for youth, we were thinking we might do that, but I couldn’t exactly remember how…Continue Reading

This Post Is of No Importance

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Well, happy Easter Sunday everyone! I must admit, I’m not feeling in the happy mood today, though. While it likely partially has to do with being woken up at 6:50 AM to go to the 8:00 Sunrise Service, there’s also some other reasons why I’m not very happy. More on that later.

The service started at 8:00 and I was on Powerpoint, so I had to get all the songs ready while still feeling groggy. After that, a lady spoke for a few minutes. I forget who she was – she was introduced, of course, but I forget what church she was from. After she spoke, everyone headed over to the Brantford Mall to watch The Passion of the Christ at the Cineplex Odeon theatre. Our church had set that up with the theatre people, and also set up The Prince of Egypt for the kids in another theatre since The Passion of the Christ is rated 18A and is pretty gory. I wasn’t really interested in watching the movie. Although I’m sure it would likely be powerful for me to watch, I also don’t need to be watching all that violence. I mean, I could probably handle it, but I don’t want to handle it. I’ve seen some pretty gory movies before, and I didn’t like watching them at all. The Hostage wasn’t that gory of a movie, but one guy gets a knife stabbed through his cheek, and you see him pull it out. He then later lights…Continue Reading

The Principles of Peter

Today was definitely an interesting day. I wouldn’t say it was overly exciting or full of intrigue and mystery, but it wasn’t dull and boring either. The most interesting part was Gym class, playing basketball. We were at Bethel Baptist Church, which has a gym approximately the size of my thumb (slight exaggeration there), so we had ten people on the court at a time trying not to run over each other to get the ball. It was more of a massacre than anything else, since no one was really playing “basketball” in the traditional sense. Since the gym was so small, it was more of a “throw the ball all the way down while everyone else tries to intercept it, then do the same” kind of game. Still fun, but nowhere near real basketball, which we’ll roughly be playing at the tournament tomorrow. It’s obvious that most people on both the guy’s and girl’s teams have never played basketball, because half of them have no clue about travelling or double-dribbling, let alone more “complex” concepts such as up-and-down or over-and-back. I think they’re more focused on trying to dribble the ball or look for an open person (even if the person’s on the other team) to worry about concepts like that.

Anyways, as long as we have fun at the basketball tournament, that’s all that really matters. Mr. Gillmore hasn’t put any pressure on the teams at all to win; he’s just told us to do our best and…Continue Reading

Surrender (Part 2)

Since I’ve been on the topic of surrender, and since nothing useful or important happened at all today, I’ll blog about a poem that I made a while ago, back in April 2004, and totally forgot about now. I was looking on the disk with all my poems for a perfect one that described what I was feeling right now, and I found. It’s kind of strange that I wrote it almost a year ago, and yet even though I’ve gone far astray from God and then back closer to Him once again, I’m still in the same place as before. I’m closer than I was before, and yet I’m still so far away. This choice to surrender is a daily decision that I must keep making, and I wish I could just make a habit of it and be done with the choices. I wish I didn’t have to choose so often, because too many times I make the wrong choice. But, with no further ado, I present “I Surrender,” by me:

I’m sick of trying to figure stuff out,I’m sick of failing again.I just want You to take over my lifeAnd make me new again.

My life has spun out of control,And I try to remedy the problem.But only You can set it back on track,Please fix me up again.

You’re all I want, though I don’t always show it,You’re the only one that can fix my life,I’m just so sick of failing and starting again,I need You…Continue Reading