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New Year's Resolution

A Passion for Progress

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Welcome to 2012! According to the Mayans (or, more accurately, the New Age fanatics), we have less than a year to live! But the rest of us reasonable people know that the world has much more happiness and heartache, mirth and misery, feast and famine in store. The universe is here for the long haul, and humans will likely be here for a while longer too. So enjoy life while it is here!—and be sure that others do as well.

New Year’s has always been a time of reflection for me, as it is for many. I prefer to find a quiet place to sit and ponder, rather than the raucous, drunken celebration of a changing calendar and a ball dropping. For me, Christmas is a time to celebrate, but New Year’s is a time to reflect on what has been and what is to come. Such reflection should really happen continually, for every day is a step forward. After all, January 1st merely marks an arbitrary point in the circumnavigation of the Earth around the Sun. We are always moving, always being propelled forward into the future. Without an understanding of the past and a clear vision of the future, we are condemned to stumble blindly about, never finding solid footing. The Earth may always smoothly travel in its orbit, but we have no such guarantee. And so, as the old year leaves and the new year makes its entrance, I prefer to keep the company of my thoughts, with a mind to my own actions and the development of my character.Continue Reading

Sixth birthday of Disjointed Thinking

The First Six Years

Today marks the sixth anniversary of my blog. Six years! I can’t believe it’s been that long. Well, in some ways, it feels like I’ve had this thing forever. In Internet years, it’s on the verge of becoming a senior citizen. So before I go further in this post, let’s raise a celebratory glass of any liquid you’ve got handy and toast to a wonderful six years of randomness, irrelevancy, and just a hint of honest sincerity. Truly disjointed thinking if ever I saw it. Here’s to another six years!Continue Reading

Maturity, Growth, Mercy, and Grace

Today’s entry should be short, because not much happened last night. I worked from 5:30-9:30 PM, so it conveniently cut out the time I sometimes spend hanging out with my friends on Sunday nights. Whatever. When I got home, there was a message from Jeff, but since I didn’t feel like hanging out anyways, I just didn’t call back. Besides, I don’t have his cell phone number written down. Anyways, work was alright. I was working with a guy named Eric, who seems pretty cool, besides being a bit crude like most guys are. The important thing that happened last night was that I got to know some of the people there a bit better. Eric told me a few things about the people there – a few of the things he said were bad, but a few were good as well, so that may help me in the future. I just still feel like “the new guy” right now. After all, someone called me that last night. I still don’t “fit in,” but I know that it will come with time; I just have to be patient and keep getting to know people.

Anyways, as I mentioned in the last entry, yesterday I talked to Pastor Al about the Bible study and how best to set it up. I suggested doing it on Thursdays at the church if it was free then, so he was going to check into that. At lunchtime, my mom asked me what Pastor Al…Continue Reading

Sickness, Servanthood, and Such

Here I am with pants and a sweater on, and I’m freezing cold. I woke up today and felt horrible, with a headache, very sore throat, and a stiff neck just thrown in there for good measure. I have to work tonight, so I was hoping that this stuff would go away by then; however, it’s all still here, and there’s only three hours left for it to disappear. I think perhaps I caught a cold or something. I took some Tylenol at lunchtime to see if it would help, but I didn’t even notice a difference. Then, after lunch, I took a little nap for an hour or so; however, I just basically ended up laying there for about 45 minutes and getting about 15 minutes of sleep. It wasn’t much of a help, in other words. I’m just trying to figure out where I picked this up from. Maybe it was from getting thrown in the pool at Steph’s house, but I would have thought that it would have shown up the next day instead of two days later. If it’s not from that, then it must have been something from yesterday. Either one of the Staats kids was carrying something (as little kids often are), or another one of the people in the youth group was. I guess I might have picked it up at McDonalds as well, but that’s not as likely.

With that said, though, I’m trying my best just to keep myself going. I…Continue Reading


I don’t have much to say today – yet again. I haven’t hung out with anyone in a few days, but that’s alright. If nothing happens tonight, I’ll get to see people tomorrow for sure at youth. I’ve called a few businesses again today trying to follow up on resumes and interviews and such. Home Hardware said they still had more people to interview, and then they’d get back to me. The other ones I tried calling either didn’t pick up the phone, or they told me there weren’t any positions available. I guess that was to be expected, since if they were looking for someone, they likely would have called me already. So Home Hardware still remains as my best option.

God’s been teaching me a few things lately. Although I don’t quite understand it fully, it goes something like this: God doesn’t want me to try to fix my problems, but rather He wants me to fix the relationship with Him so that He can fix them. A lot of times I’ll pray and ask God for forgiveness for something I’ve done wrong, and I’ll ask Him to help me fix the situation and fix the bad habits I have. I mean, that’s what everyone’s always told me that God wants. Once we have a relationship with Him, He wants us to live a holy life, right? Yes and no.

You see, God does want us to live a holy life, that’s true. But we can be living…Continue Reading


I’m not sure how exactly to start this, but I needed to write another entry today, and so I guess I’ll just jump right into it. Today is a strange day. I was perfectly fine for a while, and now suddenly I’ve become all reflective and stuff. I’m thinking about all sorts of things, and they’re all clogging up my brain like a big wad of toilet paper clogging up a toilet. Excuse the imagery.

I guess the easiest way to start is to do this in chronological order. It all started when Dare You To Move by Switchfoot came on. Earlier I had been grumbling and complaining, and right when that song came on, I started thinking, “Hmm, I guess I need to ask for God’s forgiveness. It’s sin after all.” I was feeling all guilty about it, and then that song just kind of hit me. I hadn’t even been listening to it really, but as soon as it said, “Maybe forgiveness is right where you fell,” I realized what it was talking about. All of this…I don’t know, stuff…just slammed into me like a freight train, and my brain couldn’t process it fast enough. I just sort of sat there for a minute or two, trying to focus.

I then began searching the archives of this blog of mine to look for the time when this happened before. I remember it happening, but I didn’t know when, and so I went to look. As I did so,…Continue Reading

Thinking, and Thinking About Thinking

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Well, ’twas another day of uninterestingness, if I may use the word (or non-word). It was pretty average, so there’s not much to talk about. Most of the day I just sat there, thinking. I thought about a bunch of stuff, but I’m not going to write about it in here. I’d kind of like to talk to someone about some of it, but the people I want to talk about it to seem to be involved in their own circumstances – not that it’s a problem, just a slight inconvenience, that’s all. I’ll figure it out eventually, I suppose, but the process just might go a lot quicker if someone with more knowledge of the situation helped me out with it. Oh well.

I think it’s safe to say that I don’t know what’s safe to say anymore. I could say so many things in here; I could spill out everything in my head, and although it might take ages to sort through, everyone who read my blog could completely understand me. That’s what I’d really like. I’d love to just have everyone understand what I think, and then be able to respond to it, either by correcting whatever misinterpretations of situations I might have or by being able to respond to situations better with their new knowledge. I just think it’d make things a whole lot easier, and it’d also be a lot easier than me trying to figure out how everyone else thinks – something which I’ve…Continue Reading