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Squirrel with big, bulging muscles

Being Mr. Macho

I’m consistently amazed at how little self-awareness people can have at times. Or, at least, I’m assuming that there are others with as little self-awareness as me. My understanding of myself seems to come in bursts of revelation rather than slow, incremental gain. As my thoughts swirl around in a storm, sudden flashes of insight appear like lightning.

The current storm in my brain has been regarding gender roles. As my understanding of feminism grows, I realize that gender roles are one of the key areas of society that must be challenged in order to provide equal status for women. But such an issue is just as applicable for men as well, since men face gender roles and norms of their own, and it would be somewhat odd to attack feminine gender roles and leave the masculine ones intact. So this issue, more than perhaps some other feminist issues, has an incredible power to unite both men and women in challenging social stigmas and oppression.Continue Reading

The School Day and Food…Mostly Food

Right now I’m hiding in the basement to escape the wrath of my sister, my sister’s friend, and Dr. Phil on the television. Well, okay, it is true that I’m always hiding out in the basement, but this time, I’m frightened for my life. There’s nothing more scary than my sister’s friends, except for my sister herself – and a pack of hungry, ravenous wolves surrounding you. But that’s a close call.

Today we went swimming again, or rather, everyone else went swimming, and I sat up in the balcony section and read Tom Clancy. Lately I’ve been reading Robinson Crusoe, but I just finished that last night. I also went out shopping last night for a present for my mom for Mother’s Day, and Jennifer wanted to head over to Value Village as well. So I checked out the book section and found Tom Clancy’s Op-Center. They always have cheap Tom Clancy books there, and as long as they’re not falling apart, it’s a great deal. I mean, on the back they say about $8.99 Canadian, and at Value Village, they’re $3.99. That’s what I call awesome. So every time I’m forced to go to that horrid place of musty paradise, I always make sure to get one or two of his books. So, while everyone else was swimming, I was reading that. So far, there’s been some explosion in Seoul, South Korea during a political meeting or something. I’m sure the action will heat up soon.

Tuesday is…Continue Reading


I’m not quite sure what to write about today. I could talk about a few things, none of which are very significant, though. I got my graduation pictures taken today. I got my mom to write a note so I wouldn’t have to do the rest of swimming, something for which I’m very thankful. I don’t think I could handle seven weeks of headaches, strategically placed on Fridays, no less, to ruin all my weekends. So, that’s good. I think all I’ll have to do is just go to the Wayne Gretzky Centre and sit there for the entire class so I don’t get marked as absent.

I suppose I could talk about the wishlist I made not too long ago. It’s on, and I’m still not entirely sure why I made it. But hey, I don’t really care. I just made it because I was bored, and I suppose it’s giving me something to talk about today. So, everyone just go visit my wishlist and then come back here and laugh at the things I picked out. I don’t really care. This is my blog, after all, and it’s also my wishlist. A lot of the things I’ve put on there are just things that perked my interest when I heard about them. Most of the books on there are ones I’ve heard about but never had the chance to read. And if you’re wondering about my music selection, it’s a little strange because I only put…Continue Reading