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A Few Thoughts

Since not much happened today besides being the first day of school (which I don’t feel like talking about), I will launch into a random discussion about a few thoughts that I received during the day. I use the word receive because thoughts in my head are far too strange to have been comprehended by a human mind. They must be from way out there somewhere. But hopefully these ones aren’t too strange. Actually, they’re quite normal. But whatever.

First off, I must mention that sisters are a pain in not just the neck and the butt, but in every other part of the body that have nerves to feel pain. My sister has no concept of the idea that “you reap what you sow” or “you get what you deserve.” She does absolutely nothing for me and then expects me to do things for her. These are minor, leisurely things as well, like getting a glass of water for her or something. She is very capable of getting one herself, nor is she in any physical or mental distress that would make her incapable. She is no further from the water cooler than I am, and even with all that said, I would be nice enough to get her a glass anyways, if it weren’t for the fact that she would have absolutely no intention of doing the same for me were she in my shoes. I suppose I should still do the loving thing and get it for…Continue Reading

Crappy Day

I don’t even know what to say here. Sometimes little things can add up and become something stronger, where on their own they would just be ignored. I guess that was today.

It all started by waking up at 6:30 AM to finish my Law project on Gandhi. I mean, that was my fault, and I was the one that set my alarm that early, but it was still a real pain getting up that early, especially since I hadn’t had a very restful sleep. Then again, that’s nothing new. In the past few weeks, it’s been mostly about 2 or 3 nights a week where I actually get deep, consistent, restful sleep. But then again, I usually have half an hour longer of that sleep, no matter how restless it is – something which was stolen by my Law project this morning.

Anyways, I finally finished it off. I usually leave my house by about 8:00 because my parents have to get to work so I get a ride then, usually leaving some of my homework for the morning since I have nothing better to do once I get to school anyway. Today we left at about 8:10 because I was making the last adjustments to my project – footnotes and page numbers, stuff like that. I got to school, and later when Bethany walked in, she told the teacher/principal that Jordan would be coming in at lunch. I immediately thought that he was using it as an excuse…Continue Reading


Girls bug me. They annoy me so much sometimes. It seems almost a curse that men are attracted to them at all, because they only bring headaches and monetary loss from the moment they enter a male’s life. And while the concentration of this pain depends somewhat on the individual, there are certain characteristics that all females share which just bug me so much that I must mention them.

First off is their annoying ability to come across as totally innocent while it’s all someone else’s fault. Usually that someone else is male. This partially has to do with society’s views of women and the feminist movement. When a female teacher sexually harasses a male student of theirs, it barely makes the news. If it does, the attitude is either that the guy wanted it since all guys are entirely and solely focussed on sex 100% of the time, or that the guy should have been able to fend for himself and get out of the situation. The teacher is barely pinned on as being at fault because obviously a 7-year-old male child is physically stronger than a 30-year-old female teacher and should have been able to get away.

When a male teacher sexually harasses a female student, it makes major headlines all over the place. Why? Because men are solely focussed on sex and the student could not have had anything to do with it, even though she probably wore low halter-tops and short miniskirts. But of course, that’s…Continue Reading

Yeah, You Know Who You Are…

Well, excuse me for having a life. Yeah sure, I may have been some stupid loner back when you met me, I’ll admit that, but things have changed since then. You can just shut up and go back to whining about your sorry life and leave me alone from now on. I know you could care less about me, and I’m thankful that the feeling is mutual. I’m ashamed to admit that at one point I did care about you. I’m very grateful I saw that you’re really just a waste of my time. I hate to think what would have become of me if I had stuck around and continued to beg for you to care about me.

See if I ever do that again. You expect me to just hang my head down in shame and admit that you’re right? Fat chance. I have friends. I have a life. I’m not the same loser I was when you met me. A lot of things have changed since then. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like anything’s changed for you. You’re still the same hypocritical, sarcastic, calloused, uncaring coward you always were, lashing out in hatred towards others to bring them down to your level. See if I care. Whine about your life. I really could care less. I’m wasting my time by writing this, but I’m trying to prove a point. Stop trying to bring down others when you’re already on the low end of the scale yourself. If you…Continue Reading

School. Blech.

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Well, another day of school. Ugh. It’s so boring. School really, really sucks this year. Like, of course school always sucks, but this year is worse. We have Grade 12 Calculus, 12 Accounting, 12 Biology, and 11 World Religions, as well as 12 Law, 11 Parenting, 12 English, and 12 Phys. Ed. It’s awful. Accounting, World Religions, Parenting, English, and Phys. Ed. are taught by the same teacher, this bald guy that bugs me all the time with his overdramatic speeches and lectures about nothing of significance that are way off-topic anyways. Biology is by this annoying teacher that can’t seem to explain anything even though she knows it, and then she either spends half the class trying to explain it to us or just expects us to know it. Ugh.

Law is just law. There’s not much you can say about that. The teacher’s pretty cool, I like him, but the subject has to be the worst subject ever. Parenting is just crap. There’s no real set “curriculum” as it’s all just about aspects of parenting, and how to be a better person in order to be a better parent. CRAP. In all, I can only stand Calculus, Accounting, and Phys. Ed. Hmm, well let me put them in order of best to worst. It’d probably have to go like this: Phys. Ed., Accounting, Calculus, Biology, World Religions, English, then last and definitely least, Parenting.

That’s about it. School sucks.…

Beating the System

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You know what really bugs me? People who criticize teens for being clones of each other and completely immersed in commercialization. Typically these people are 30+. But I can’t stand their complaints. They’re the reason we’re the way we are today.

You see, I don’t see how we can be anything else but commercialized. Mainstream media has covered all our options. They have a label for everything you could possibly conceive. Even if I try to fight the mainstream stuff, I’m suddenly labeled as “punk” and get introduced to new “punk” clothing lines, music, and a whole new brand of commercialization. Even if I could come up with something not commercialized or find some band that is small enough to have escaped the grip of mainstream media, if I suggest the idea to any of my friends and word spreads around long enough, soon that band too will be sucked up into the corporate collective. Thus the band that I was listening to to get away from commercialization is suddenly commercialized.

Honestly, what are we supposed to do? Make our own clothes? Pay a private seamstress to make all our custom-made clothes to avoid labels and logos? That’d be more expensive in the long run than buying the expensive name-brand clothes we get criticized for. Or you could always go punk and get your grandparents’ old smelly clothes and wear them; then again, corporations latch onto that and make name-brand “old” gaudy clothes.

I’ll admit that teenagers today are, for…Continue Reading


I hate categories. I’ve always been against them. But at the same time, it’s impossible to get away from them. I guess I tend to categorize people, and I hate doing that at the same time. But I’ve always been a strong proponent of getting to know each person’s individual personality and making generalizations from that. I guess maybe it’s not that categories are entirely bad in themselves, but rather that one can be tempted to over-generalize without examining who they’re including in each group closely enough. I guess carefully and logically choosing your categories is the best solution to the problem. Anyways, I guess I’m so against categories because I just can’t seem to fit myself into one specific aspect of life.

The reason I mention this is because sometimes I like to search the Internet and find some of these stupid personality tests. It’s not like I actually use this to determine who I am; I’m not that naive. However, I have a great interest in psychology. I could care less what the personality test defines me as; whether it determines that I’m peach pie or the colour green doesn’t matter. No, I take these tests to examine why I choose what I choose for each question. Why did I sit there reading and re-reading the question before choosing an answer? And why did I choose that choice instead of the other one? And what does that say about who I think I am? Call me crazy, but…Continue Reading