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One of the Seven Wonders of the Hair World

Nothing of interest happened today. At all. But I suppose that’s a typical Monday morning. Everyone seemed pretty dead. So I suppose this should be a short entry. You never know, though. I tend to always get onto some strange topic, even when there’s nothing to talk about.

Coming home on the bus today was interesting. The bus going from the mall to my house was fairly full of people using the two attached seats to fit one person, so I took the last available two-seater – for myself. That put me behind these two girls that looked like they were probably 13 or 14. Anyways, the one girl’s bangs were massive; I sat there almost in shock from the sheer size of them. I mean, I think bangs on girls are disgusting 90% of the time, but that doesn’t include massive bangs that start at the crown of your skull and go all the way to your eyebrows (slight exaggeration).

So there I sat with my music in my ears, staring at this girl’s bangs. Suddenly she turned around, and just as lightning-quick I turned my head away. I think she saw me looking at her, though, and so I could see her glancing out of the corner of her eyes at me while talking to her friend for the rest of the bus ride. It was horrible. I mean, not only is this girl probably 4 or 5 years younger than me, but on top of that, she’s…Continue Reading

Open Heart Surgery

Hmm, it looks like there were some problems with Blogger for a while there. I couldn’t get on to make a new entry for a while. But it looks like it’s working now, which is good.

Today was a pretty normal day, except for a bit of a timetable switch to accomodate the Grade 9s and the Grade 11-12s taking Music going to St. Mark’s church to play in the Kiwanis Festival. We had three periods before lunch instead of two, and saved homeroom for the end of the day. Blah blah blah. Nobody really cares anyway.

During lunch, Mr. G went to the doctor’s office to find out what the big splotches on his face are. He’s been getting little red dots on his face that look similar to acne or chicken pox or something. Apparently, the doctor thought it was a cold sore that got infected from bacteria and was thus spreading. The doc said it was contagious if you touched it. Since I have no plans of touching Mr. G’s face (or any other part of his body, for that matter) anytime soon, there’s not much chance that I’ll get anything more on my face other than the acne I already have. Phew!

After Mr. G got back, the girls convinced him to let us go watch the Music students play instead of doing Parenting. He finally agreed, and we headed over there, but they were already done playing by the time we got there. We ended…Continue Reading

You Have Entered the Domain of the ADD Monster

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As I cough out the remainder of my lungs and the mucus therein, I am reminded of the power mucus holds over our lives. Snot is what keeps us alive; it keeps intruders and foreign particles from entering our body, and keeps the acid of the stomach from eating away at us from the inside out. If mucus were to go on strike for a day, the entire human race would be obliterated from the face of the earth quite shortly.

I’m not sure where the above paragraph came from, but surely it must have been from somewhere deep in the dark recesses of my brain. Not much happened today, and when that occurs, I tend to get slightly loopy – or loopier than usual, rather. This March Break is turning out to be quite boring, because I haven’t made plans to do anything, and I can’t get ahold of anyone to make plans with. Steph sent me an email saying we should hang out, but I haven’t been able to get ahold of her since. No one’s online really, except for Angie every once in a while. Maybe I’ll do something with her, but not tonight – because she’s offline again. Maybe a movie would be good; I’ve checked out the movies playing right now, and they all look at least bearable to watch. “Hostage” looked like it had potential, but it was also easy to see that it could have one of those horribly unrealistic storylines. I mean,…Continue Reading

I Spy a Fly With My Eye

An epicure dining at Crewe Found a very large bug in his stew. Said the waiter, “Don’t shout And wave it about, Or the rest will be wanting one too.”

Don’t ask. I just found it, and since I have nothing else interesting to say, I put it up here. My arm hurts from racquetball, since every time I play I manage to somehow pop it and it starts to hurt. I’m not even sure what happens to it, but when I do a really hard return, it will crack or pop or something and then I can’t get any power out of any other shots. Oh well. Three more shifts at work and I’m done – I have one tonight, one Saturday, and one Sunday. Hallelujah.…

The Day I Quit Being Hot (Is the Day I Die)

Exams are finally over! Four days of intense craziness and hand cramps are finally over! It may take a week of massages to cure my shoulder strain, but I think I can handle that – as long as the masseuse is an attractive female, of course, but that’s implied.

So anyways, today’s exams were even easier than I expected. Accounting was first up, which I finished in an hour. I then had to wait for half an hour to get out, since we have to be there for an hour and a half of the two hours we have. During that half hour, I started playing around with my graphing calculator, making a picture of a dude with all the funny little symbols and stuff that I could find. Then I slept for about ten minutes.

After lunch came my Calculus exam, which was just as simple. I think I might have screwed up one or two of the questions, but considering Mr. Candler’s an easy marker, I’ll likely get some marks for them anyways. I finished that exam up in about an hour and ten minutes, and was pretty confident with most of my answers. For the rest I gave it my best shot and I knew that staring at it any longer wasn’t going to help. So I set the exam aside and inwardly celebrated that exams were finally over. That exam was the “last kick at the cat” as Mr. Candler so gently put it.

After I…Continue Reading

The Ladies’ Washroom

There’s just one main thing I want to write about for today – I promise. Well, I mean, I might throw something really short at the end to say goodbye for another day, but that won’t be more than a paragraph. I tend to ramble, so I’m going to attempt to control my mouth – er, fingers – today.

Anyways, in my in-depth, detailed studies of the female species, including all that is exterior and interior, both outward and inward, I have noticed something strange. Well, I’ve noticed many strange things, but there just wouldn’t be enough time to go into all that detail. Today I was in class and we had just finished up our Grammar quiz. A few people were still putting the finishing touches on it, but for those that were finished, Mr. G said that we could take a break between classes. So I was sitting in my desk, and one by one all the girls left the room. That was to be expected, of course, since I have already written about the bladder control problems that frequent women. However, after a few minutes, I started to worry. None of them had returned yet. The only people left in the classroom were guys, and surely not even a woman could take 3 or 4 minutes to go to the washroom. So I decided to investigate.

Under the guise that I myself had to go to the washroom, I walked to the men’s room, which is, as…Continue Reading

Fairly Fighting

I know I seem to say this every day, but today was pretty normal. I mean, if the majority of days weren’t normal, then they would actually be considered normal, because they would be the majority. Got that? It’s like calling people “normal,” except everyone is different, so really everyone’s normal. Actually, no one’s normal, technically speaking. In order for someone to be normal, there would have to be at least one other person that was exactly like them in all respects. Since that isn’t even true of identical twins, nobody’s normal. Therefore not being normal is normal. Yay! I love paradoxes. Or is it paradice? No wait – that would be too easily confused with paradise, which is not a bunch of paradoxes. Or is it?

Okay, I’m confusing myself, so I’m going to move right along into Jeff’s Patented Run-Down of the Day (TM). Actually, scratch that. It’s too boring. I swear I have ADD today; I’ve been jumping from topic to topic all day. Actually, I do that a lot, but today it’s just really bad. So anyways, I’m going to skip my run-down and go into something stupid like I usually do.

My goal for this school year (that I just decided) is to pick a fight with someone at my school. Preferably a girl. I mean, I won’t actually hit her, I just want to start a fight with her so I can have a laugh or two. Remember kids, fights are fun, and all…Continue Reading