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The Strange Happenings

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Today was a pretty strange day. It wasn’t strange overall, but there were a whole bunch of little random things that happened. And since I figured I’d just tell you all what happened today anyways, I’ll try to remember all the strange little details that happened.

It all started when I woke up. But since nothing interesting happened until I got to school, I’ll skip ahead to then. I went into the little room and set down my bag, getting out the stuff I needed to study from. Melissa came in a few seconds after that, and very shortly thereafter, so did the strangeness. I forget whether it was Steph or Bethany in the room at the time as well (I think it was Steph), but Melissa started talking about her mom. Then, out of nowhere, she mentions that her mom calls me Jeffy. I’m not sure exactly when she decided to do this, but it almost scares me. I mean, I swear this woman has more mood swings than, well, Melissa herself. First she hated me, then she decided I wasn’t so bad, then she hated me again, and now she’s calling me Jeffy. I can’t stand that name. There’s only one person in this world that I’ve let call me that – and that’s Kim from Quizno’s. I didn’t let her at first either, but eventually I just gave up and let her, because she wouldn’t stop. I’m not exactly sure what possessed Mrs. Staats to call me…Continue Reading

Allergies and Today’s Tomorrow

Well, it’s official. Spring has now started. How do I know? It’s not that the snow has melted, or that the robins have come out. It’s not even the warmer temperatures. No, spring has officially started because I have started sneezing my head off.

My allergies always act up about partway through spring, usually when the dandelions come out. I’m not sure whether it’s actually the dandelions that affect me, but they usually coincide with my allergies. But whatever the case, allergies suck, big time. I hate it when the inside of your nose gets itchy, and you know you have to sneeze, but it just decides to stay there for a little while, bugging you, until it finally gets bad enough to trigger the sneeze. During class today, if you watched me closely enough, you could see me wriggling my nose every few minutes, because I knew a sneeze was coming on and I couldn’t do anything about it. Sometimes I can stop the sneeze just by exhaling heavily to try and blow the allergen out before I have to sneeze (of course, you have to make sure there’s no loose snot in your nose before you do this, or the result gets messy), but other times that just doesn’t work.

On top of being allergic to probably just about every plant in existence, I’m also allergic to several animals. Dogs, cats, and horses are all on the list. It’s mostly animals with long hair, though. When I go…Continue Reading

The Taj Mahal

I must say that I have some pretty strange hobbies. For most of yesterday, I was building the Taj Mahal. If you’re wondering why I’m building it considering it’s already been built, I was making it out of styrofoam.

Puzz-3Ds are awesome. It’s like a puzzle, except it’s three-dimensional. You might think that building a styrofoam monument is slightly stupid, but I think it’s great. When it’s finished, it looks so lifelike. I compared it to a picture of the actual Taj Mahal that I found on the internet, and I could barely tell the difference. Honestly, the people that make these puzzles are amazingly smart. I mean, how do you make a dome out of flat puzzle pieces? Easy; you create a bunch of separate adjoining pieces that form long strips, then loosely connect them together so they roughly form around that circle. When it’s done, it looks amazing. Then there’s the towers around the outside, and the whole thing is actually raised off the ground about an inch with pieces underneath that support the platform that it sits on. There’s also a cardboard support that fits inside the building so that the dome doesn’t cause the roof to cave in. It’s really pure genius, and I love making these things.

On top of building the Taj Mahal, I also have several other Puzz-3D puzzles. I’ve built a Bavarian Castle (which looks awesome – I’ve seen a picture of that too, and it’s incredibly realistic), The Cathedral of Notre…Continue Reading

Improvise or Die

I think there’s something to be said for being incredibly sexy. I mean, people just seem to think that’s all you are. You’re treated like a piece of meat, or some object to be stared at. You’re no longer a person, but instead a thing that people desire. Being sexy is a hard life. You’re forced to get up in the morning, look in the mirror, and say to yourself, “Man, you are hot.” Then you have to go the rest of the day knowing that people around you are thinking the same thing in their head about you. It’s horrible.

I’m obviously saying this from experience, of course. Haha. It’s a hard life, let me tell you. But I’m really not sure why I started writing that. It just popped into my head. I suppose it’s better than the alternative – writing down another one of those “I’m not quite sure what to write about. Today was an average day, blah blah blah.” I get pretty bored of those, but hey, when you have nothing else to write about, you improvise. At least I do. Speaking of improvisation, I’m hungry.…


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I’m really bored right now after waking up early for no apparent reason, so I’m just going to write down some questions that pop into my head. They’re in no particular order, some are relevant to the stuff I’m dealing with right now, and some aren’t. Your job is to figure out which are which…or not. Whatever. Abandon all hope ye who read on.

How come I can never get a good night’s sleep?Why is it that everything has to be planned in advance or else it’ll fall apart?How come even things that are planned in advance fall apart?How come people can’t just do what they say they’re going to do?How come I don’t always do what I say I’m going to do?Why are Garfield cartoons rarely funny?How come some people can never just be happy for you?How come my words always get twisted around?Why does my confidence always come across as arrogance, when it’s really a struggle for me to find anything good to say about myself?How come sometimes the people that seem to have it all together are the ones that really need the most help?How come sliced bread is held up as such a great invention when I could have thought it up myself?What was the greatest thing before sliced bread?Why do I always hesitate to hang out with people when I know I’m going to be bored if I don’t anyways?How come some girls flirt so much and then wonder why all these guys think she…Continue Reading

Thoughts, Splayed Out for All to See

Bear with me today. I have a whole bunch of random thoughts in my head that I need to write down here. Wait, that’s no different from any other day. But oh well.

First thing up: my pastor used to be a funeral director for a while before he came to our church. With the recent death of a person in my church, the topic of the funeral came up. And of course, the slightly morbid joke came into my head: “Funeral directors are in such high demand. Everyone’s just dying to meet them.” Groan, throw things at me, and then move on. You knew it was coming.

On a completely different topic, I’ve been trying to think of something to write about for my story. I talked about it a while ago somewhere in my mass of blog entries. As of now, I haven’t updated my last story since sometime in November. I just don’t feel any desire to finish it, since it is based on a part of my life that is completely dead to me now. But I do want to start another story. I just have no ideas. It’s kind of strange, actually. I can sit here and write for twenty minutes to half an hour (an hour on a good day) every day, and yet I can’t even get a starting idea for a story. For a long time now, I’ve wanted to write some sort of science fiction story. Of course, the danger there…Continue Reading


I’m not quite sure what to write about today. I could talk about a few things, none of which are very significant, though. I got my graduation pictures taken today. I got my mom to write a note so I wouldn’t have to do the rest of swimming, something for which I’m very thankful. I don’t think I could handle seven weeks of headaches, strategically placed on Fridays, no less, to ruin all my weekends. So, that’s good. I think all I’ll have to do is just go to the Wayne Gretzky Centre and sit there for the entire class so I don’t get marked as absent.

I suppose I could talk about the wishlist I made not too long ago. It’s on, and I’m still not entirely sure why I made it. But hey, I don’t really care. I just made it because I was bored, and I suppose it’s giving me something to talk about today. So, everyone just go visit my wishlist and then come back here and laugh at the things I picked out. I don’t really care. This is my blog, after all, and it’s also my wishlist. A lot of the things I’ve put on there are just things that perked my interest when I heard about them. Most of the books on there are ones I’ve heard about but never had the chance to read. And if you’re wondering about my music selection, it’s a little strange because I only put…Continue Reading