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Frustrations Galore

Sometimes people are stupid. And sometimes that doesn’t bother me. Other times it really does. Right now I’m in a pretty good mood; I’ve been that way all day. But there are some days that people just bug me.

Lately my family’s been getting on my nerves – more than usual, that is. I mean, usually they’re annoying, but I can handle it, and it’s no big deal. But in the past little while, they’ve been more annoying than usual, and it’s been all I can do some days to just keep myself from blowing up. I love them, and so I don’t want to hurt them by suddenly freaking out on them, but sometimes it’s very hard to keep from doing that.

Take, for example, Sunday night. Angelie, Jordan, and I were standing around after youth discussing where to go, since it was only like 8:00 or something and none of us really wanted to go home. My mom comes into the gym and asks me what I’m doing; I tell her that I don’t know, but that we’re working on it. She tells me that she wants to know in five minutes what I’m doing, because she wanted to leave – that was fair enough considering the youth service had gone late and they had stayed around waiting for me. Anyways, we decided to go to Wendy’s, and since Jordan needed money and I wanted to just let my parents go home, Jordan went to call his parents…Continue Reading

CDs and Works of Art

I’m not quite sure what to say about today. Some stuff happened, and then some more stuff happened, and then, when all things seemed done, some more stuff happened. That’s about it. I mean, this wasn’t bad stuff or good stuff in particular, just stuff.

Right now I’m listening to a CD by a Christian band called Black Talon. Lana told me to listen to it for her – I’m not quite sure why, but she wanted my opinion of it. Her dad’s the band manager or something like that. Anyways, I’m on the second song of ten, and so far they’re reminding me of a cross between Linkin Park and Pillar. It’s sort of like a heavy hip-hop almost. I’m not sure what exactly to classify it, because it’s definitely not the typical hip-hop, but there’s too much rap to call it punk or anything like that.

And now that I’m into the third song, it’s more of a worship song than anything – which is really strange. Their drums aren’t that bad, let’s put it that way. I like some of the rhythms they have going in the songs. Their guitar is a little too trebley for my tastes and has a bit too much distortion – it makes it sound like they’re trying to be an electronica band or something. Their singer isn’t that bad, and he sounds like the guy off Pillar – but I think the band could really use a screamer in the background.…Continue Reading

Flirting, Romance, and the Soap Opera of Life

I’m not quite sure what’s going on here. I’m starting to become a chick magnet with the girls. The only problem is that they’re the girls at my school. Why is that a problem, you say? Well, to begin with, there’s not much selection, and to end off, they’re annoying. I mean, I can stand them most of the time, and there’s a couple that are actually…normal. But it’s when they all start flirting with you that you know you have trouble brewing. And usually I’m a strong proponent of flirting. After all, I pretty much do it all the time to every girl I see whether I think she’s hot or not. But the problem is that some of them are horrible at it, and it turns out to be completely obvious.

I suppose the easiest way to talk about this without naming names would be to first explain the purpose of flirting, and the proper technique of doing it. The best way to flirt is the “invisible” technique. This technique is hard to master, but since I’m a chick magnet (ha!) I should show how to properly execute this process. It involves having fun with the person without anyone even knowing it, even without the other person knowing it. Hmm, this is quite hard to explain. Let me show you the wrong way to flirt (this is courtesy of one of the girls in my school – not a specific circumstance, but the whole technique).

The way to…Continue Reading

Fairly Fighting

I know I seem to say this every day, but today was pretty normal. I mean, if the majority of days weren’t normal, then they would actually be considered normal, because they would be the majority. Got that? It’s like calling people “normal,” except everyone is different, so really everyone’s normal. Actually, no one’s normal, technically speaking. In order for someone to be normal, there would have to be at least one other person that was exactly like them in all respects. Since that isn’t even true of identical twins, nobody’s normal. Therefore not being normal is normal. Yay! I love paradoxes. Or is it paradice? No wait – that would be too easily confused with paradise, which is not a bunch of paradoxes. Or is it?

Okay, I’m confusing myself, so I’m going to move right along into Jeff’s Patented Run-Down of the Day (TM). Actually, scratch that. It’s too boring. I swear I have ADD today; I’ve been jumping from topic to topic all day. Actually, I do that a lot, but today it’s just really bad. So anyways, I’m going to skip my run-down and go into something stupid like I usually do.

My goal for this school year (that I just decided) is to pick a fight with someone at my school. Preferably a girl. I mean, I won’t actually hit her, I just want to start a fight with her so I can have a laugh or two. Remember kids, fights are fun, and all…Continue Reading

Bladder Control and the Art of Winning at Losing

Today was a really boring day, so I’m just going to skip over the rundown of the day and get right into some random thoughts I just had a little while ago. There’s sort of a pattern to them, but not really.

As I got home today, I had to go to the washroom quite badly. This simple act which I do at least once a day provided me with a revelation today. I finally figured out the essence of what makes men and women different. I mean, there are many obvious differences, but I believe they all stem off of this one difference – the ability to control one’s bladder.

Now, let me explain a bit about genetics in order to tie this all together. Everyone has a special chromosome that determines their gender at conception. Females have an XX chromosome, whereas males have an XY chromosome. Since these split up in the reproductive cells of a person’s parents, the male determines the gender of the child – because he’s the only one that has the Y chromosome to begin with, he’s the only one that can pass it on to his child. If he passes on his X instead, the child is female.

So what does genetics have to do with bladder control? I propose that the X chromosome has a faulty gene that produces a lack of bladder control, whereas the Y chromosome does not have this. Therefore, men only get a single dose of this gene,…Continue Reading

Ramblings of a Randomly Random Nature

I can’t think of anything to say. For once in my life, I am speechless.

Okay, well that’s not really true. I say that all the time, especially on here, and then I end up talking about some random thing anyway. But maybe I should rephrase that: I can’t think of anything mildly important to say. So I suppose I’ll talk about something pathetically useless to anything in real life, and if you want to read it, read it. If you don’t, then don’t. I’m not forcing you to read it. Then again, if you came here, it’d be pretty stupid to not read what I write. So read. Now.

Today the same thing happened as last week. My first bus driver was really slow, and the driver of the bus that I transfer onto at the mall drove really fast. Just as my bus was pulling into the mall bus stop, the next one pulled out. I didn’t make a fuss. I’m not quite sure why. I could even have calmly asked the bus driver to radio ahead to the other bus and tell them to wait for two seconds until I got on. But I didn’t. I was either too lazy to walk to the front of the bus to talk to the driver, or I subconsciously wanted to walk home today. And I can tell you right now, it was the latter.

The last time I missed my bus, I was mad. Mostly this was due to…Continue Reading


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I’m pretty dead right now. I’ve worked three days in a row now, and I think I get a break until like Tuesday or something. Anyways, I could have gone to a punk concert or something tonight, but it started at 7 and I got off work at 7:30. I could have still gone, but as I stated, I’m pretty dead right now.

So, sitting here still smelling like subs (that’s a lot of S’s), I’ve got time to think. My brain is still pretty active, it’s just my body that won’t work well. Basically it’s just my fingers that still function; I’m not quite sure how I’m going to walk up the stairs when I eventually go to bed, but I’ll solve that problem somehow. Anyways, I’m just going to pick something and talk about it, because this is my blog, and I decide what goes on here. If you don’t like it, screw you. I mean that in the nicest way possible 🙂 So yeah. Let’s see here. Something to talk about. Aaah, I have a good topic: siblings.

Ever notice how usually people who are only children want a brother or sister, and everyone who has one would gladly sell them to that person for a small fee? It’s pretty ridiculous when you think about it. I mean, if you had one sibling and you sold sold them, you’d be an only child. Would you start wanting them back again? Chances are you would, no matter how…Continue Reading