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Cooking Calamities

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Today has been a very exciting day! It’s been the most exciting day of my life! Well, okay, not really. I haven’t done too much today at all, and it’s quite boring. But there was one incident worth mentioning, and so that is what I shall do as of immediately.

I decided today that I wouldn’t have something stupid for lunch. Lately I’ve just grabbed whatever leftovers I can find or popped in some bread into the nifty machine we call the “toaster,” coming out with deliciously burnt toast. But today I decided I would have none of that. Today was not a day for burnt grain products – it was a day of adventure and exploration! So I explored the kitchen. Well, I didn’t actually explore the kitchen, because I’ve lived in this house for almost eighteen years and know approximately what the kitchen looks like, but within the confines of the kitchen, I explored the delicacies of fine cuisine. And what did I come up with? Egg McMuffins.

I suppose technically I can’t call them Egg McMuffins since that’s likely copyrighted by McDonalds. They’re more like English Muffins with Egg, Meat, and Cheese. But seeing as that’s a stupid name for them, I’ll continue to call them Egg McMuffins from here on out. I doubt McDonalds will care, since I’m advertising their product indirectly. But anyways, that’s not the point. Searching into the deep recesses of my mind where no traveler has dared to venture, I discovered that…Continue Reading

Beaches and Fireworks

Oh my! Jeff missed a day?! How could this be? My life was so meaningless without his daily input of wonderful storytelling and gripping insight! I’ll never be the same again! I’m scarred forever!

The past week has been hectic. That’s the only word to describe it. But seeing as I’ve already told what has happened for most of that week, all that’s left is to talk about Thursday night and yesterday. Don’t worry; I’ll try to make it interesting. On Thursday morning, Jeff called me and told me that “his party on Friday was a go” and also told me to come to volleyball that night at Central. So that night, I went. We waited for more people (otherwise known as the Staats) to come, and the guy in charge – I don’t know his name – wandered around the church trying to find a net and volleyball. I think CBA took their net back and stuff, because he couldn’t find one anywhere. So, after waiting there for a while, he finally gave up and told us that we couldn’t do it. So we decided to do something else. We all headed outside and tried to figure out what to do – without much success.

It must have been half an hour to an hour that we stood outside. People were in two or three groups talking to each other. It was pretty boring. I just stood around generally acting like an idiot (what else is new?). Then Jeff…Continue Reading


It’s been another exciting day in the life of a certain person that we like to call Jeff…or Freak-face, whichever you prefer. All in all, it was pretty average, but there were a few highlights. With the school year winding down, it’s feeling really good handing stuff in and knowing that it’s the last thing you’ll ever have to hand in for that class, besides a test or exam. It’s just a great feeling knowing that all your Accounting homework is done, and it’s an equally bad feeling knowing that you still have a whole bunch of stuff left to do for some classes. I think I’ve budgeted my remaining time well, though, and so I’ve got things figured out as to what days I’ll do what. Basically, I’m doing everything either tonight or tomorrow night; it’s not “a lot” in quantity of work, but it’s a bunch of essays and stuff, so they might take some time. Oh well.

At lunchtime today, my Michelina’s stuff sucked. It was supposed to be Rice and Pepper Steak or something, and I thought it’d actually be pretty good (for a frozen dinner, at least), but it really wasn’t at all. The pieces of steak were thin and dried out, and it was just a waste of time to even chew it. I just ended up eating the rice and throwing out the steak, since it just was just tough and leathery. I guess lunchtime wasn’t a total waste, though, since I got…Continue Reading


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Many, many things have happened in the last little while. I can’t say much about today, because on the whole, it was quite average. We watched an episode of the Andy Griffith Show in Parenting class, but other than that, it was pretty normal. I was going to blog about a conversation that Melissa, Meagan, and I had on the bus after school today. But then Meagan said, “Yeah, you’ll probably go home and blog this or something.” And then I lost all interest in blogging it, just because she said that. But then, Melissa said, “Well, but now he probably won’t blog it just because you said that.” So then I got to thinking that maybe I would blog it, just because Melissa said that I wouldn’t. Then I thought, “Well, if I blog it, though, then Meagan will think she’s right. And if I don’t, then Melissa will think she’s right.” Then I just gave up all hope and stopped thinking, because my head hurt. So I suppose this is the best compromise I could come up with – I mentioned it in my blog, but I didn’t blog about the actual conversation, so neither of them are right. Besides, I really don’t remember what the conversation was anyways.

Last night was a little bit interesting. I told Angelie about what I was writing about yesterday, and she sympathized with me, so we got into a conversation that spun off of that topic. She told me a few…Continue Reading

Hitching a Ride to McDonald’s Drive-Thru

Here we are. It’s yet another day, and I’m sure you were all waiting impatiently for me to update. I imagine that you were likely sitting in front of the computer with my blog on the screen, clicking Refresh over and over and over, just hoping that one of the times you clicked, something new would arrive. And now it has. Prepare for the blog of a lifetime. Or something like that. Try saying that in a deep movie voice-over voice, like on the trailers for movies. It has a better effect.

I suppose since people (who will not be named) were making fun of me last night and saying that I’d have something to blog about tomorrow, I might as well just give in and do just that. Besides, I was going to anyways. Last night was crazy. I went to go see a movie with a bunch of people: Angelie, Jordan, Josh, Kristin, Lauren, Melissa, Steph, and Zeth. We went to go see Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, a movie I had been wanting to see – although I wasn’t the one to suggest it. I figured most people wouldn’t like it, so I wasn’t going to drag anyone along to see it with me. But, as it turns out, they decided to go see it. Well, Angelie, Jordan, and Lauren went to see Amityville Horror, since they’re weird that way, but whatever.

I must say that I thought the movie was great. Everyone else thought it sucked,…Continue Reading

Track and Field

Well, today was Track and Field at Assumption. It was really strange seeing all these kids running around that I didn’t know, since I really don’t have much contact with CBA anymore – except for this once-a-year Track and Field, of course. I was helping out at standing long jump, the event that everyone does since it’s so easy. It was Jessica, Meagan, and I, plus the lady that was in charge of the event. I’m really not sure why we had three people helping out there on top of the person in charge. It was pointless. They just jump on a mat and we record how far they jumped. It’s not rocket science. There’s no sand to rake, you need one person to see how far they jumped, maybe two at the most, and the lady writes down all the jumps and also looks to make sure they don’t let their toes go over the line.

What I ended up doing so I didn’t waste my precious time was to suggest that one person go off each time. That way, one of us could have a break, and two people would still be helping out. It worked out pretty well, and it made more sense to me than having everyone do it all the time. Besides, I was looking forward to having my time off; Meagan and Jessica talk the most out of anyone in our school.

Anyways, on my break, I was standing in line with some of…Continue Reading

Being Nice, Self-Defense

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Today was Be Nice To Melissa Day for me. It was also Be Nice To Jeff Day for her. Yesterday we agreed to be nice to each other for one day. Boy, that was a struggle. I think we both screwed up at least a couple times, but I suppose it was fun. I’m looking forward to being able to burn her really bad tomorrow, though. Insert the maniacal laugh of your choice here.

I’m starting to really hate Law classes. Lana suddenly gets these ideas to put all the desks in a semicircle for no apparent reason, and then sits beside me so she can knock all the books off my desk constantly – again, for no apparent reason. Last time it was Lana and Holly that pushed them off. This time it was Lana and Bethany. Yes, Bethany Stewart, the person who at one point wouldn’t hurt a fly. My, I’ve brought her up well. She’s now almost as violent as me – except I can never get her to even punch me. It’s pretty funny actually. She’ll hit Zac when he disses her, and then I’ll diss her and she’ll just get mad. I can already see the puppy love forming toward me. Excuse me while I go throw up.

Where was I? Oh yes, people pushing stuff off my desk. This behaviour is similar to the other times when I’ve been attacked by girls that try and put my hair in a ponytail or try to…Continue Reading