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Banquet and Quizno’s

Well, I had fully intended to write up my entry after the B.C.C. Banquet last night, but seeing as that went from 6:30 to about 11:00, I decided I’d rather not. It was a very nice banquet, just way too long. We should have definitely started earlier, and also perhaps cut down on the number of people speaking or something.

Anyways, I’ll try and keep this short. Yesterday I also took the car and headed over to Quizno’s to hang out with Kim, Larissa, and Kylie, who were working there. They were fairly busy, so I tried not to bother them, but I got a Steakhouse Beef Dip and the combo and sat and ate it. With the combo I also got a scratch card for this Real Deal thing they have going on, and I won a free regular drink! Yay! Cheap Quizno’s won’t even hand out large drinks for winning! That was exciting. So yeah, I hung out with them, laughed at them a bit for having to work, and even wiped down the tables for them. I also found out I had a paycheck in the back, which totally surprised me since I thought I had already gotten my last paycheck. It was like getting free money – $200 worth of free money. Not bad if I do say so myself. That was definitely a bonus to an already pretty good day.…

Long Night

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Well, Quizno’s decided to bite back for the last time. Tonight was my last shift, and it was supposed to be Kyle, Brittney, and myself working. Brittney never showed up, so it turned out to be just Kyle and me. That was alright. It was pretty dead for most of the night. Then about an hour before close, people just started streaming in, and we had a solid hour of customers. We ended up getting out an hour late because the stupid people just wouldn’t go away.

Whatever. I’m glad to be out of that place. I’d rather visit every once in a while and be on the other side of the counter for a change. I like the people there, and I’m going to miss them, but I could care less for the place itself and all its dirty floors and nasty sub smells.

So anyways, now that I’m home here, I have to sort through a mess I created between two friends of mine. They used to be going out, but they broke up, and now he’s mad at her and she’s mad at him, blah blah blah. I’m involved because I told both sides too much of what the other said. And now I’m arguing with the female side. I got all mad at her, though, because I’ve been in a bad mood at first of all having to deal with the whole thing, and also having a crappy day. Actually, as I write this, I’m still…Continue Reading


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It’s definitely been interesting at work the last couple of days. Last night it was horribly dead, plus we had 5 people for most of the night since there’s a girl named Brittney who’s in training. There’s not much to say about last night except that I was really hyper for no reason and so I came up with a great idea for a horror story. Instead of an axe murderer, this movie would have a sadistic guy with a plunger, who would tie down his victims, then put the plunger over their nose and mouth and just suck all the air right out of them.

Okay, so it’s not that great of an idea. But it came to mind when I saw the plunger at work. Whatever. Anyways, today I worked 10:30-5, a killer shift. It’s the longest shift we normally have. Anyways, it was really dead until about 1:30, when suddenly people just started coming into the store in a steady stream. Since Brittney was there again today, she needed to learn how to make subs. She and Elliott made the subs, and then I caught them at the other end and cashed the customers in. It was crazy, because Elliott was just firing the subs through at a crazy pace, and I could barely keep up. It was on the brink of being manageable. That went on for about 45 minutes, and then it finally died down. I was quite relieved. After that, it suddenly went completely…Continue Reading

The Day of Dissing

Today had to be the day when I achieved the most amazing insults. I dissed so many people today, and all of them were quite intelligent disses, not something like, “Yeah, well your mom’s ugly.” Nobody had any comeback good enough for my insults today. The most they could muster was, “Shut up.” It was great.

Let me set up the scenario for one of the good disses (since I forget most of the others – I just know they were good). A couple years ago, when I was in Grade 10, I liked Stephanie. On Valentine’s Day I decided to be stupid – although I thought I was being smart then – and give her a nice little note saying that I’d be thinking about her today, and gave her a pack of gum as well. The gum was because she always asked me for gum, blah blah blah. You don’t even want to hear some of the outrageous ideas I had come up with before, though. This idea was toned down majorly because I figured anything bigger would end up making her throw herself out the window from embarrassment. So anyways, I gave it to her all shyly, she said thanks just to be nice to me so she wouldn’t hurt my feelings, and then proceeded to go out with my best friend within the next couple of weeks. She pretty much avoided me since she realized that flirting with me was making me think that she liked…Continue Reading

The Art of Excellence

Well, today brought two more exams: Biology and Law. I studied for each for twenty minutes – that’s all I really had time for last night before going to bed and then tossing and turning for a couple hours.

I studied a bit longer (but not much) this morning for Biology and at lunch for Law. Surprisingly, though, both exams were quite easy. These were the two I was most worried about, and they turned out to be the two easiest so far. I mean, I think the two easiest are yet to come – Accounting and Calculus – but these were the easiest so far.

For Biology, there was a lot of true/false, fill in the blank, and matching, and only 10 short answer questions and 2 essay questions. Then there were 3 diagrams to do, 2 of which were already drawn and just needed to be labeled, the other of which needed to be drawn and labeled. I was done that exam about 15 minutes early.

Law was a bit more difficult, but not by much. It was exactly as I expected it to be, since Mr. Osborn is a creative but predictable teacher. It was much the same as the Biology exam, or I suppose I should say the Biology exam was much the same as the Law exam since I think Mrs. Houtman learned test-writing from Mr. Osborn. I don’t know. Anyway, there was a lot of matching and then some charts to fill in, and…Continue Reading

I Hate Coupons

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Read the above title over a few times. Take a real good look at it. Do you notice anything unusual about this statement? If not, read it over a few more times. Pay close attention to the words “I hate.” Now did you catch it? If you still haven’t caught the message, let me spell it out in clearer terms. I hate any and all customers that have come into Quizno’s with a coupon and therefore made me work an hour overtime. Got the message now?

Ever since the most recent set of coupons were sent out, we’ve had non-stop business. Kyle even wrote a message to Paul saying that we needed to have more staff on at nights, because we’re not getting our breaks (required by law) and we’re still getting out late. Even today, on a Sunday – usually the day with the least business – we made over $1000 with cash and Interac. That’s just unheard of at Quizno’s.

This is my third day working in a row, and the past two nights I’ve gotten out an hour late. And it’s all due to this coupon traffic of people saying, “Ooh, I’ve never been to Quizno’s! I should go try it out and buy six different subs to try all the different choices they have.” I can’t stand it anymore. That’s the main reason why I quit. I can’t handle getting out an hour late every night and then trying to study for exams or do homework…Continue Reading

Oh. My. Goodness.

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Okay, I just have to blog this before I head off to bed to die. I got to work at about 4:45 since my shift started at 5, and I saw that it was majorly busy. Since we just released a new bunch of coupons, everyone’s just decided, “Hey, let’s go to Quizno’s since we have these coupons!” I will never again doubt the mind of a marketer.

I ended up starting my shift about ten minutes early because I could see that everyone was rushing around to get everyone’s orders done. Within about ten seconds of when I walked back behind the counter, Rory asked me to get some stuff for him. And so it continued. There never really was a dinner rush like there normally is. It was more of a rush rush, where everyone just keeps coming in and there’s no end. Within about 10 minutes I knew it was going to be a horrible night. But alas, I didn’t even know half of what was going to happen.

Rory was only supposed to work until 7:00. But he decided, being the nice guy he is (and I’m not joking about that, he’s an awesome dude), to stay and help us out since we were still busy by the time 7:00 rolled around. He signed out so Paul wouldn’t get mad about paying extra, and then just stayed and did dishes and all the stuff we hadn’t had time to do while Kyle and I served customers.…Continue Reading