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"Nighthawks" by Edward Hopper

The Question

The other day I was struck by how fond I have become with existentialist literature. That might be one of the most pretentious sentences I’ve ever written, but so be it. I recently finished reading The Trial by Franz Kafka (, a fascinating book, and it deals with many existentialist themes. Kafka loved to write absurdist fiction (the cousin of existentialism)—evidenced by the fact that people now refer to absurd situations as “Kafkaesque”.Continue Reading

Falling Dominoes

Contesting Christianity: Consequentialist Arguments

The last set of arguments I wish to discuss is comprised of what are known as “consequentialist arguments.” In other words, these are arguments that, instead of dealing with the truth of Christianity, instead talk about what the consequences would be if Christianity were false. This is an enormously popular strategy, and anyone who has discussed with a Christian the reasons why he or she believes is likely to have at one point heard the statement, “But if Christianity isn’t true, then ______.”Continue Reading

Living Victoriously

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I can’t decide what to write about today. Not much happened other than the usual Sunday morning service, so I’m currently trying to figure out a good topic to talk about instead. It’s definitely a toss-up, so perhaps I’ll deal with one and leave the other for a rainy day.

I suppose I probably shouldn’t say this, but I didn’t concentrate on the sermon all that much this morning in church. It’s probably not a good thing, but in my defence, I was still thinking about God. I think it’s all good. After all, I’ve kept the main points of the sermon tucked away in the back of my mind for if they’re ever needed. But what I got to thinking about today stemmed off of the sermon. The thought was this: Christ is everything I need.

It sounds simple, doesn’t it? It doesn’t really seem all that profound or revolutionary. I mean, that phrase or some variant of it is scattered throughout the Bible. But it just hit me in a new way. Usually, Christians say it but don’t really think about what they’re actually saying. Christ is everything I need. I’m not sure that I can emphasize this enough. Everything, everything, everything, everything, everything, everything, everything we need is found in Christ. Each and every single thing. Everything. Go back and reread the previous three sentences for as long as necessary until the truth of this sinks in.

You see, we as Christians are horrible at living double…Continue Reading

The Purpose Of Life

Ever been made fun of about something you like, or something you believe in? Yeah, me too. It seems these days that most people live to bring everyone else down to their level instead of trying to get up to the same level as others. This happens in some people more than others, or rather I should say that some people have let it become a habit. I’m definitely included in that group, but I’ve been working hard to stop.

With today’s culture how it is, anyone who stands up for anything gets ridiculed – well, unless of course they stand up for what the majority likes. Then they’re basically crowned as king. So instead of people standing up for their own interests and beliefs, they just go with everyone else wants them to say. I mean, part of our society deals with aggressive protesting for rights, but that’s standing up for other people’s beliefs.

I’ve been made fun of for what I believe. Christianity isn’t getting very popular these days. It’s seen as old-fashioned and outdated, which if you think about it makes no sense – if we threw away everything that was old, we’d be stuck drinking grape juice instead of wine. I’m not saying that everything gets better with age but rather that you cannot determine something’s worth by how old or new it is. Society tells us to embrace every new development, especially those ones that science throws at us. Need I mention that science and…Continue Reading