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Tonight was my first official close at Quizno’s. Well, I had a close before this where I was listed as supervisor, but Tara was there and she’s a supervisor too, so it didn’t really count. Tonight I was working with Sarah, who’s in training to become a supervisor, so she knows her stuff, but I felt more in charge. Nice feeling, I must say. It sucks that I’m not going to see Kim, Tara, or Elliott much anymore though, since there’s never two supervisors working at the same time. I’ll probably miss them since I know them better than anyone else there, but I guess that’s the cost of moving up in the world – as small a move as it may be.

We got most of the stuff done we needed to do and the rest I figured we could go without doing and get away with it. But I signed us out right on time, 9:15, and I got out exactly when I expected to get out, 9:30. So all in all, it was a pretty good close I must say. I was still figuring out the best order to do stuff in, so I was a little slow – at least Sarah was awesome and covered for me whatever I missed or didn’t have time to do. She tends to keep to herself but I hope I can get to know her better – she seems like a cool person. And yes, I meant that in a…Continue Reading


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Wow. Quizno’s is going downhill. Paul (the boss) called me to the back yesterday and asked me if I would like to be trained as a closer. That means I would be a night-time supervisor and be in charge of cash, closing the store, etc. I said yes of course (it means a raise in pay too), and last night Kim was sort of showing me what to do a little bit with the cash register. I think I’ll get the hang of it, but debit is confusing. Haha, all I can say though is that I’m kind of freaked out when I think of myself in charge of a store for the night. Lol, if I had to work under me, I’d probably quit. Okay, so I’m not that bad, but still – I’m going to be nervous and rushed when I have my first close alone. Of course, that won’t be for a week or two, but still.

Anyways, so after that exciting news, there was more excitement yet to come from work. Some loser clogged up the men’s toilet with toilet paper and so there was a huge flood all over the floor in the men’s bathroom, ladies’ bathroom, and out onto the main floor, right down to where the people order the subs. Fortunately it was all clean water, but still – it’s toilet water. I spent the next half hour cleaning up toilet water. And there was a ton of it. I filled up two…Continue Reading