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Well, I decided I’d write this to follow up on what happened with the meeting at North Park today. As you can likely guess from the title, the meeting went quite well. She basically handed me a form and said, “Write down the courses you want, and then we’ll talk about any questions you have.” I wrote down what I wanted, and then brought up the question of prerequisites. Unfortunately, I ended up having to put down the Grade 11 Chemistry and Physics courses as well, which I didn’t want to have to do, but which I thought I would likely have to do anyways.

After I filled in the sheet, we basically talked for a little bit about universities and such, she gave me a couple books about Guelph University, because she was mentioning about a program they have called Akademia, which basically gives a general program for the first year for those who can’t decide between Arts and Sciences. I must say that I’m a little undecided on that issue. I know I want to get into Psychology, but I’m not sure whether I’d want a BA or a BSc. I decided a while ago that I’d probably want a BA, because BSc deals more with Neuropsychology and brain functions rather than the actual thoughts and actions of disorders and such – as far as I can tell, anyways. It might be a good idea to check out that program, although I hadn’t really considered Guelph as much…Continue Reading

Surrender (Part 2)

Since I’ve been on the topic of surrender, and since nothing useful or important happened at all today, I’ll blog about a poem that I made a while ago, back in April 2004, and totally forgot about now. I was looking on the disk with all my poems for a perfect one that described what I was feeling right now, and I found. It’s kind of strange that I wrote it almost a year ago, and yet even though I’ve gone far astray from God and then back closer to Him once again, I’m still in the same place as before. I’m closer than I was before, and yet I’m still so far away. This choice to surrender is a daily decision that I must keep making, and I wish I could just make a habit of it and be done with the choices. I wish I didn’t have to choose so often, because too many times I make the wrong choice. But, with no further ado, I present “I Surrender,” by me:

I’m sick of trying to figure stuff out,I’m sick of failing again.I just want You to take over my lifeAnd make me new again.

My life has spun out of control,And I try to remedy the problem.But only You can set it back on track,Please fix me up again.

You’re all I want, though I don’t always show it,You’re the only one that can fix my life,I’m just so sick of failing and starting again,I need You…Continue Reading

Prayer Journal

The only interesting thing that happened at school today was the playing of basketball in Gym class. We had a combined Phys. Ed period with the Grade 9 and 10s, and we just went over the basics of defense and offense. Oh, the other exciting thing at school was the fact that Mr. Gillmore talked about the incoming storm and that tomorrow might be a snow day. That would just really make my day.

Today was the second day of using my new prayer journal. I’m not quite sure at what time I want to do it each day, considering it sometimes takes a little bit longer. I normally read my Bible right after I get home from school, and so I’m going to try doing the prayer journal at the same time just to see if that works. The other time I could do it would be right before I go to bed. That would work as well, but it kind of divides up reading the Bible and prayer, which kind of go hand in hand. But anyways, I’ll try it after school and see how that goes.

I suppose I’ll just explain a bit how I’m doing this journal thing, and that’ll be it (yeah, today’s a short one!). Basically, I’m going to use one page per day, with the date written at the top, and then the page divided up top and bottom into two halves. The top half has a list of things to thank God…Continue Reading

Thoughts, Memories, and Zombies

Nothing happened at all today. Well, okay, lots happened and it was a pretty cool day. I got my name drawn in our little lunchtime prayer group and got prayed for, which was kind of strange, but whatever. I’m glad that we have that group, because it’s not only sharpened my prayer life, but has also helped me grow closer to the people there. It’s also made me more aware of some of the needs that we have in the school, and while I don’t have the greatest memory, I try to pray for them whenever I think of them. And really, I do it right when I think of it so I don’t forget it. Some people prefer to write down requests for later; I would rather just take a few minutes to pray for something that pops into my mind. Not only is it relaxing to pray, since it’s easy to let my life get too busy sometimes, but it also keeps me on my toes, so to speak, and sensitive to what the Holy Spirit brings up. While I’m not sure exactly how biblical this concept is, I’m sure that the Holy Spirit can direct our thought processes to remind us of certain things. I mean, here I am with a horrible memory, and I haven’t missed reading my Bible for one day in about two months now. That’s almost unheard of for me.

But anyways, I’m not sure where that line of thought came from. I…Continue Reading