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Murder Mysteries and Useless Tournaments

I was on the bus riding home today deciding what I wanted to write about for today’s topic, and I ended up coming up blank. I really couldn’t think of much. I could tell all about the latest gossip about who’s going out with whom, but considering I hate when people do that to me, I don’t think I could do that to anyone else. Besides, it’s not really that exciting – I guess I’m just not into that whole drama thing (go figure).

This is really quite difficult. Some days I’m pretty much thinking about things to write about the entire day. Other times I just sit down and right away something comes to me. Today, I sat down hoping I’d get a flash of inspiration, but nothing happened. I had a couple sparks, but nothing ignited. So I suppose I’ll talk a little bit about what happened last night, and perhaps that will bring up something more interesting.

I headed off to youth at Central, and we were in the middle of worship, when suddenly the lights went out and there was a big, high-pitched scream. Everyone was like, “What the heck is going on here?” Then the lights came back on, and Pastor Rob came out with some huge glasses with thick rims and stated that there’d been a murder. Yes, the murder mystery night was on. Apparently, a while ago Marcus wrote a script for them to use as a murder mystery night that they had…Continue Reading