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The Broken Jar

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I am empty.I am a broken jar,Shattered into pieces.Only a small piece remainsThat fulfills its purpose.Only one small piece holds water.

Is there hope for a broken jar?Is there any peace in knowingThat only pieces remain?The shards lay scattered.The water slowly starts to drip.My soul starts to ebb away.

I have no hope. I have no future.I am a broken jar with no purpose.And yet You come and take those piecesAnd mend them back together.You take the broken, brittle shardsAnd mold them into one whole again.

But I am yet a jar. I am empty.Your vessel is mended, yet void.And yet You take Your Living WaterAnd fill my soul once more.My life is full of purpose once again.My vessel is alive with meaning.

And so with all I have,I will give that purpose back to You.I will use my gifts to love the GiverWho has given me all I am and all I can be.I will, with every breath I take,Praise the One who has given me life.…


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So here I wait.Waiting for an opportunity,Waiting for a chanceTo prove myself.

Here I waitTo find who I really am,To show myself to the world,To be myself.

Here I am,Waiting for someoneWho will never let me down,To find myself.

Here I stand,Alone on a precipice,Letting life pass by,To heal myself.

Yeah. I’ve been pretty emo lately. Just kind of down over nothing. I really don’t even know why I’m depressed. I’ve been through stuff; mind you, not all like “my dad died when I was three and my mom is abusive and I’m in a wheelchair” and all that physical stuff. But sometimes I think the emotional and psychological stuff is worse. Because you can’t get away from that. Physical boundaries keep you in a physical prison. Your mind was meant to explore, and psychological boundaries just keep your mind in a cage. I’m trying to get out. I’ve been stuck in this mental cage for way too long, and I want to break free.

If only I knew how.…