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Observations About Observation

Sometimes I like to sit back and observe. Sometimes the thing I most like to do when relaxing is to just watch something or someone. Maybe it’s a strange hobby. Maybe it’s a little crazy, but I like to do it.

Today on the bus, I was just listening to my music and staring out the window. The only thing about me that moved were my eyes as they darted back and forth, staring at every little thing that passed by. It’s a shame, really, when you think about how much detail you miss every day. I mean, I almost missed my stop because I was looking out at the little creek right near my house. I go by there almost every day of my life, and yet I still found it interesting.

But buses aren’t ideal circumstances for observation. The best way is to take walks. I don’t walk as much as I wish I did, although there’s a reason for that. While I like relaxing and just looking at things, I also like doing it with someone else. It gets boring after a while when you’re by yourself. And while I listen to music when I’m alone, it’s just not the same. It’s just so much better when you can walk with someone else and just talk about anything that comes into your head. I wish I had someone to do that with, but most people are just too busy to just go and take a walk for…Continue Reading