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Wrapping Up and Continuing On

Well, today was the last day of classes for the year! It was a great feeling. I kept looking at the clock, counting down the hours, and Bethany and I kept reminding each other of how many hours and minutes were left. Of course, I wasn’t as excited as I could have been, just because I know that we still have exams to go. After those, I’ll be excited. After all, I’m friggin’ graduating! I can’t even believe it; it’s craziness!

Anyways, I don’t feel like writing about today too much, just because it wasn’t overly interesting. For Math class, we didn’t do math, but watched the French class’s videos they made instead. In Accounting was a test, Biology we just reviewed for the exam and played hangman, and in World Religions was another test. I’m just glad, though, that I have almost everything done that I need to get done. Over the past two days, I’ve done Phys. Ed. questions, a Biology paper on evolution, an English essay on Huckleberry Finn, a book report, and Parenting handouts for Chapter 16. Now all I have left is one more chapter of handouts for Parenting, and then I’m finished! Well, again, except for exams, that is.

I guess the last thing I’ll say for today is just how strange things work out sometimes. Yesterday I posted about following rules just because we’re supposed to as opposed to because of our love for God. Melissa and I had a nice little conversation…Continue Reading

A Few Thoughts

Well, well, where should I start talking about today? There were quite a few things out of the ordinary. I found out today that people were expecting me to wash dishes again tonight, even though I had never told anyone that I was. They had mentioned it to me, and Jeff and Zeth said they had to check their work schedules, so they would get back to them. I never said anything to anyone, so I don’t think they should have just assumed that I could. Oh well, a simple misunderstanding, I suppose. Anyways, I had to go find Jeff’s phone number as soon as I got home and leave a message saying that I couldn’t go. It came out sounding horrible and abrupt – man, I hate answering machines. I try to say everything I need to as concisely as possible, but it always comes out sounding like I’m angry or nervous or something. I’d much rather write a nice email and get out my thoughts in written form. Oh well.

Today at lunch, Hendrik showed up. He’s back from Germany after being there for almost a year, and I’m sure Lana’s just jumping up and down for joy – or not. He came into the lunch room and Lana just kind of ignored him. His hair is a lot longer, and I was tempted to ask what kind of volumizing conditioner he uses, but I restrained myself. It just looked so…flowing. I doubt that he’d really appreciate me…Continue Reading