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Courses and Transcripts and Guidance, Oh My!

Today is the day that I decided never to have children. The possibility that they would come out too much like some of the people I know is too much for me to bear. Actually, the possibility that they would come out too much like me is even scarier. I wouldn’t want to force that upon anyone, especially a little child. Then again, considering I managed to survive it (though with a few minor defects) brightens the prospect. Still, I think one Jeff Hughes is enough for any planet to bear. I’m one of the most insane people I know, and yet I can still retain some sanity through it all – a very difficult task, let me tell you. At times I’m very scary, and at other times I’m just completely zoned out, staring off into space until someone screams in my face.

And now this crazy guy just might end up going to North Park next year. Considering I missed the deadline for applying to universities, it’s a very likely possibility. I’m planning to work for a year and take a couple courses at North Park and then get into university next year – making sure, of course, to apply nice and early. So far, besides my family, I’ve only told one person about it. Last night Kim from Quizno’s called me from work and we talked for a good fifteen or twenty minutes, partly about the possibility of going to North Park. Since she goes there, she…Continue Reading