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Beating the System

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You know what really bugs me? People who criticize teens for being clones of each other and completely immersed in commercialization. Typically these people are 30+. But I can’t stand their complaints. They’re the reason we’re the way we are today.

You see, I don’t see how we can be anything else but commercialized. Mainstream media has covered all our options. They have a label for everything you could possibly conceive. Even if I try to fight the mainstream stuff, I’m suddenly labeled as “punk” and get introduced to new “punk” clothing lines, music, and a whole new brand of commercialization. Even if I could come up with something not commercialized or find some band that is small enough to have escaped the grip of mainstream media, if I suggest the idea to any of my friends and word spreads around long enough, soon that band too will be sucked up into the corporate collective. Thus the band that I was listening to to get away from commercialization is suddenly commercialized.

Honestly, what are we supposed to do? Make our own clothes? Pay a private seamstress to make all our custom-made clothes to avoid labels and logos? That’d be more expensive in the long run than buying the expensive name-brand clothes we get criticized for. Or you could always go punk and get your grandparents’ old smelly clothes and wear them; then again, corporations latch onto that and make name-brand “old” gaudy clothes.

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