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Spewable Kraft Dinner

Another day of March Break slips past as I do nothing at all. It was strange, though. As I contemplated what to write about for this journal entry, I was sure that I had done something constructive today – I just couldn’t figure out what it was. As I thought about what I had done today since I woke up, I realized that I really hadn’t done anything at all. It was a very weird feeling.

Last night Steph and I went to see “The Pacifier.” It was a pretty good movie, though a little strange and definitely unrealistic. It was definitely strange seeing Vin Diesel in a comedy role, but he definitely fit the part, seeing as how they needed a person to play the tough, emotionless Navy SEAL. The fighting scenes were a little cheesy, but well-done nevertheless. And there’s nothing better than seeing a bunch of 7-year-old girls beat up a bunch of boys the same age. It was horribly cheesy, but still funny to watch. They were doing all these kung fu moves and acting all tough even though I could probably crush them with my pinky finger. Anyway, with all that said, it was a good movie, worth the $7.50 I paid for it.

After the movie, I drove Steph to her grandma’s house. Since she lives way out in Hickville (also known as Vanessa), and since the movie ended at about 11:30 PM, her parents didn’t really want to drive for half an hour…Continue Reading