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The Day of Clothes-Washing

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Well, today is the day. I got up nice and early, about 8:30 (although that wasn’t my intention, I just couldn’t sleep). After having my shower, I decided that I should start to pack for the retreat. It was then that I remembered that most of my clothes were in the laundry and needed to be washed. Oh well. I’ve been domesticated in the art of using the washing machine, since if I don’t do my laundry, it just doesn’t get done. I swear that some days I start to feel like a housewife. And that’s never a good feeling. Oh well.

I found out that apparently Angelie can’t come to retreat. That kind of sucks, and what sucks more is that I don’t know why. I just saw a comment on the youth website about how she wasn’t going to retreat, although she had told me like a couple days earlier that she was. So I don’t know what’s up there.

As for anything else, it’s a pretty average day. I have to wait for this laundry to get done and then I’ll finish packing. Right now I just have a bunch of stuff that I want to take laid out on my bed ready to go. I’ve got to wait to see how much clothing I have to take in order to figure out whether I can fit it in my backpack or whether I’ll have to take something bigger. I fit everything in my backpack when I…Continue Reading