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Laser Tag

Yesterday was awesome. Last night I went to Lazermania with a bunch of people from Central for Jake’s birthday. We played three games of laser tag, and it was so fun. I’ve never actually played it in its own separate place before. My church rented the equipment once and set up a whole bunch of tables and obstacles and such, and we played it in our church. This was even more fun than that, though, because it was more open, and you had to constantly look around you to make sure that no one was coming up behind you. There were great places to snipe from, but no place that was safe from enemy fire.

I can’t think of what else to say other than that it was fun. The first game, I got 14th I think, the second game I got 25th, and the third game I was angry at my horrible scores, and so ended up getting 9th. In between games, there was an arcade out in the lobby area with a whole bunch of games and such that you could win tickets from, and exchange the tickets for prizes. Melissa and I pooled our tickets together – 71 in total – and got a little hand-clapper thing and another annoying noise-making thing that I can’t really describe. It was pretty much a waste of money, but whatever. It’s the fun that counts in arcade games, not the cheap prizes.

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