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Living Victoriously

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I can’t decide what to write about today. Not much happened other than the usual Sunday morning service, so I’m currently trying to figure out a good topic to talk about instead. It’s definitely a toss-up, so perhaps I’ll deal with one and leave the other for a rainy day.

I suppose I probably shouldn’t say this, but I didn’t concentrate on the sermon all that much this morning in church. It’s probably not a good thing, but in my defence, I was still thinking about God. I think it’s all good. After all, I’ve kept the main points of the sermon tucked away in the back of my mind for if they’re ever needed. But what I got to thinking about today stemmed off of the sermon. The thought was this: Christ is everything I need.

It sounds simple, doesn’t it? It doesn’t really seem all that profound or revolutionary. I mean, that phrase or some variant of it is scattered throughout the Bible. But it just hit me in a new way. Usually, Christians say it but don’t really think about what they’re actually saying. Christ is everything I need. I’m not sure that I can emphasize this enough. Everything, everything, everything, everything, everything, everything, everything we need is found in Christ. Each and every single thing. Everything. Go back and reread the previous three sentences for as long as necessary until the truth of this sinks in.

You see, we as Christians are horrible at living double…Continue Reading


Yay for Jesus! It’s awfully nice of Him to come down here to earth so we can celebrate His birth by buying and giving each other presents, isn’t it? It sure helps out those businesses with only a few million in their pocket to capitalize on yet another holiday that they can make a few more bucks on.

But I suppose that Christmas is what you make of it, right? It’s a time to reflect on Jesus’ sacrifice for us, giving up everything He had up in heaven to come down to earth and be incarnated in a tiny baby. Christmas is a season that encourages generosity and benevolence, where people aren’t as grouchy to each other and share with others. I mean, you don’t get much of that anymore. It’s great that there’s still one day a year (or if you’re lucky, the entire season) where people remember that it’s not all about them. Getting things isn’t what it’s all about; giving things is so much better – and Christmas is one of the few times that people can realize that.

Christmas is a time of relaxation, allowing most people (except those that we depend on, like police and firefighters, etc.) to get time off work and spend time with family. That’s another thing not encouraged in our society – family is downplayed so much in favour of materialism. It’s awesome that there’s a season that not only encourages sharing and giving and all that fun stuff, but also…Continue Reading