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Resumes Flying Everywhere

Well, not much happened today. Today was another day of handing out resumes. I gave out another ten, most of them at the mall today. It included Sunrise Records, Music World, Bluenotes, Electronics Boutique, Sears, Sport Chek, and Mrs. Vanelli’s. Don’t even ask me why I chose those ones, but they were better than the alternatives, I suppose. Sport Chek was included because Melissa told me that they just got rid of four people and will hire anyone who can walk. I considered dropping Mrs. Vanelli’s from the list, just because it’s a food place in the mall, but when I walked by it, I noticed that it had a sign saying “Help Wanted,” so I figured I might as well. On top of those at the mall, I also applied to Canadian Tire, Smith Drugs & Apothecary, and The Gospel Lighthouse. Why, you ask? Well, why not?

In total, I’ve handed out 20 resumes, as well as applying for two more online (The Source). This morning I just prayed that God would open up the door of the place He wants me to work. I’ve just been handing them out left and right, and I don’t know if I’ll actually get any responses. However, I know that if God wants me to work somewhere, He’ll make all the necessary arrangements to do that. I’ve done what I could by applying to all the places that I could think of, so it’s not in my hands anymore. On top of…Continue Reading

Being Nice, Self-Defense

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Today was Be Nice To Melissa Day for me. It was also Be Nice To Jeff Day for her. Yesterday we agreed to be nice to each other for one day. Boy, that was a struggle. I think we both screwed up at least a couple times, but I suppose it was fun. I’m looking forward to being able to burn her really bad tomorrow, though. Insert the maniacal laugh of your choice here.

I’m starting to really hate Law classes. Lana suddenly gets these ideas to put all the desks in a semicircle for no apparent reason, and then sits beside me so she can knock all the books off my desk constantly – again, for no apparent reason. Last time it was Lana and Holly that pushed them off. This time it was Lana and Bethany. Yes, Bethany Stewart, the person who at one point wouldn’t hurt a fly. My, I’ve brought her up well. She’s now almost as violent as me – except I can never get her to even punch me. It’s pretty funny actually. She’ll hit Zac when he disses her, and then I’ll diss her and she’ll just get mad. I can already see the puppy love forming toward me. Excuse me while I go throw up.

Where was I? Oh yes, people pushing stuff off my desk. This behaviour is similar to the other times when I’ve been attacked by girls that try and put my hair in a ponytail or try to…Continue Reading

The Day of Dissing

Today had to be the day when I achieved the most amazing insults. I dissed so many people today, and all of them were quite intelligent disses, not something like, “Yeah, well your mom’s ugly.” Nobody had any comeback good enough for my insults today. The most they could muster was, “Shut up.” It was great.

Let me set up the scenario for one of the good disses (since I forget most of the others – I just know they were good). A couple years ago, when I was in Grade 10, I liked Stephanie. On Valentine’s Day I decided to be stupid – although I thought I was being smart then – and give her a nice little note saying that I’d be thinking about her today, and gave her a pack of gum as well. The gum was because she always asked me for gum, blah blah blah. You don’t even want to hear some of the outrageous ideas I had come up with before, though. This idea was toned down majorly because I figured anything bigger would end up making her throw herself out the window from embarrassment. So anyways, I gave it to her all shyly, she said thanks just to be nice to me so she wouldn’t hurt my feelings, and then proceeded to go out with my best friend within the next couple of weeks. She pretty much avoided me since she realized that flirting with me was making me think that she liked…Continue Reading

Women and Their Water Bottles

Another day, another blog. I think I’ve probably used that line before, but I don’t care. Today was a very emotional day for me. I laughed, I cried – it really moved me. Well okay, not really. It was actually quite a regular day. I got water poured on my head for quite a funny reason. Allow me to explain.

I was sitting at the big table at lunchtime, calmly and quietly eating my lunch (or something like that). Then Lana and Steph were reminded of this funny thing I used to do where I talk in a low voice and then clear my throat and start talking in a really high voice, or the other way around as well. So they wanted me to do it. They started begging with me and I refused to, because that’s just the way I am. It’s so much better when it’s just out of nowhere. So Steph came around the table with her water bottle and threatened to pour water on my head if I didn’t do it. I knew she’d never do that, so I still refused. I forget why, but she poured a bit of water on Zac, who was sitting beside me. He started getting all sarcastic and was like, “Oh no! The water’s going to kill me!” Then he started talking about how Steph killed him by just being there, the stench being so strong. He got a bit more water poured on him, and then I was…Continue Reading


Another day, another blog. Or two, in this case. I don’t have much to say, so this will likely be short. The day started off alright, with Lana going out and buying Tim Horton’s cappuchinos for all three people in the Grade 12 math class. I’m not really sure why she did it, but oh well. It was good, although I’m not a fan of French Vanilla. I prefer the Cafe Mochas with half hot chocolate and half coffee. Mmm, I can taste it right now.

Anyways, the rest of the day went quite normally. We had Gym last class, so we loaded ourselves up into the van and headed over to Bethel to play handball. I was up against Jonathan, who beat me 11-6 I believe. It might have been 11-7, I forget. It was like 10-2 for him and then I came back and got a few, so that was pretty cool. But during the game I think I burst a blood vessel in my hand. Jordan said it looked like a bruise, but it’s puffy and squishy, so I think it’s a popped blood vessel. Oh well, it should be fine, it doesn’t look too major. It just hurts. It’s kind of funny that it was only after I noticed it that I went and came back with 4 or 5 points in the game. That was kind of strange.

But yeah. I missed my bus because we got back late, so I waited for my Aunt…Continue Reading