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Wrapping Up and Continuing On

Well, today was the last day of classes for the year! It was a great feeling. I kept looking at the clock, counting down the hours, and Bethany and I kept reminding each other of how many hours and minutes were left. Of course, I wasn’t as excited as I could have been, just because I know that we still have exams to go. After those, I’ll be excited. After all, I’m friggin’ graduating! I can’t even believe it; it’s craziness!

Anyways, I don’t feel like writing about today too much, just because it wasn’t overly interesting. For Math class, we didn’t do math, but watched the French class’s videos they made instead. In Accounting was a test, Biology we just reviewed for the exam and played hangman, and in World Religions was another test. I’m just glad, though, that I have almost everything done that I need to get done. Over the past two days, I’ve done Phys. Ed. questions, a Biology paper on evolution, an English essay on Huckleberry Finn, a book report, and Parenting handouts for Chapter 16. Now all I have left is one more chapter of handouts for Parenting, and then I’m finished! Well, again, except for exams, that is.

I guess the last thing I’ll say for today is just how strange things work out sometimes. Yesterday I posted about following rules just because we’re supposed to as opposed to because of our love for God. Melissa and I had a nice little conversation…Continue Reading


It’s been another exciting day in the life of a certain person that we like to call Jeff…or Freak-face, whichever you prefer. All in all, it was pretty average, but there were a few highlights. With the school year winding down, it’s feeling really good handing stuff in and knowing that it’s the last thing you’ll ever have to hand in for that class, besides a test or exam. It’s just a great feeling knowing that all your Accounting homework is done, and it’s an equally bad feeling knowing that you still have a whole bunch of stuff left to do for some classes. I think I’ve budgeted my remaining time well, though, and so I’ve got things figured out as to what days I’ll do what. Basically, I’m doing everything either tonight or tomorrow night; it’s not “a lot” in quantity of work, but it’s a bunch of essays and stuff, so they might take some time. Oh well.

At lunchtime today, my Michelina’s stuff sucked. It was supposed to be Rice and Pepper Steak or something, and I thought it’d actually be pretty good (for a frozen dinner, at least), but it really wasn’t at all. The pieces of steak were thin and dried out, and it was just a waste of time to even chew it. I just ended up eating the rice and throwing out the steak, since it just was just tough and leathery. I guess lunchtime wasn’t a total waste, though, since I got…Continue Reading


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Today was crazy. Everyone was hyper. It felt like Friday, but it’s only Tuesday. It was very strange. Steph and I got Bethany going into convulsions from laughter due to a crazy story we made up about her; by the end of it, she was crying and her stomach hurt from laughing so much. That in itself just made me laugh more.

After school, the Grade 12s stayed later to work on our bovine somatotropin project. We’re almost done now; it was a very productive time. We now have a cow up on the wall, complete with grass, a sun, and two clouds. We have some information in the clouds and on the grass, and some more stapled onto the black spots of the cow. All we have to do is reformat the introduction to fit on the sun and print off a couple more charts/graphs so we can put them on spots. Then we can put all the spots on the cow! It’s pretty amazing. I thought we’d be less organized than this and that we’d be scrambling to get everything done on time. But I guess that just wasn’t the case. It was pretty funny. One of the clouds has a flag on it, like one of those golf flags, with the number nine on it (cloud nine, get it? It was my idea). The other cloud has some pencil shading and some silver pen on the bottom of it (cloud with a silver lining, get it? It…Continue Reading

Crappy Day

I don’t even know what to say here. Sometimes little things can add up and become something stronger, where on their own they would just be ignored. I guess that was today.

It all started by waking up at 6:30 AM to finish my Law project on Gandhi. I mean, that was my fault, and I was the one that set my alarm that early, but it was still a real pain getting up that early, especially since I hadn’t had a very restful sleep. Then again, that’s nothing new. In the past few weeks, it’s been mostly about 2 or 3 nights a week where I actually get deep, consistent, restful sleep. But then again, I usually have half an hour longer of that sleep, no matter how restless it is – something which was stolen by my Law project this morning.

Anyways, I finally finished it off. I usually leave my house by about 8:00 because my parents have to get to work so I get a ride then, usually leaving some of my homework for the morning since I have nothing better to do once I get to school anyway. Today we left at about 8:10 because I was making the last adjustments to my project – footnotes and page numbers, stuff like that. I got to school, and later when Bethany walked in, she told the teacher/principal that Jordan would be coming in at lunch. I immediately thought that he was using it as an excuse…Continue Reading

My Day

Well, I don’t have much time to write this but I decided to squeeze it in. Today I had a crappy day at school, including a never-ending Biology class and a Parenting test that I didn’t bother studying for at all. It wasn’t the test that was annoying, it was all the other people around me studying that made me feel guilty or something. Anyways, now that I’m here at home, I’m deciding what homework to do and what to just forget about. I’ve got a stupid English thing for Shakespeare which I’ve already done, and I have a project in Law that I should probably do since I have to present it to the class tomorrow. I also have a couple other things, but I decided to prioritize and just do them tomorrow or something.

I guess the real reason I’m prioritizing is that I’m going to go to the church and play bass with Jordan and Kyle tonight. Heh. I think that’s much more important than homework.…