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I’m not quite sure what to write about today. I could talk about a few things, none of which are very significant, though. I got my graduation pictures taken today. I got my mom to write a note so I wouldn’t have to do the rest of swimming, something for which I’m very thankful. I don’t think I could handle seven weeks of headaches, strategically placed on Fridays, no less, to ruin all my weekends. So, that’s good. I think all I’ll have to do is just go to the Wayne Gretzky Centre and sit there for the entire class so I don’t get marked as absent.

I suppose I could talk about the wishlist I made not too long ago. It’s on, and I’m still not entirely sure why I made it. But hey, I don’t really care. I just made it because I was bored, and I suppose it’s giving me something to talk about today. So, everyone just go visit my wishlist and then come back here and laugh at the things I picked out. I don’t really care. This is my blog, after all, and it’s also my wishlist. A lot of the things I’ve put on there are just things that perked my interest when I heard about them. Most of the books on there are ones I’ve heard about but never had the chance to read. And if you’re wondering about my music selection, it’s a little strange because I only put…Continue Reading