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Swimming Lessons….Or Drowning Lessons

I don’t really know what to write about. Swimming is coming up tomorrow, something which I am not looking forward to. I’ve never liked swimming, and I never learned how to swim. Two years ago, we had to do swimming in Phys. Ed. It was torture, really. I finally basically learned how to swim, but I never learned how to float. Honestly, I can swim just fine with a pool noodle or something, but without that, I just sink to the bottom. Everyone was telling me, “Just hold your breath and you’ll float,” so I tried that – and sunk. I really don’t know why I can’t float, but I can’t. I’ve tried everything I can think of to keep me afloat, and the only way is through artificial means, with a life jacket or pool noodle. It’s stupid.

So here I am, two years later, facing the prospect of being the laughing-stock of my school for yet another year. Like, it’s not like everyone hates me or anything like that, but I don’t enjoy looking like a fool, and that’s exactly what I look like when the school swims and I drown. I don’t like not being able to do something, and the problem is that not even the instructors could help me. It was stupid. You’d think that they’d have had some other person other than me before who couldn’t float, but I guess not. It’s really annoying when the swimming instructor is standing over you trying to…Continue Reading

Courses and Transcripts and Guidance, Oh My!

Today is the day that I decided never to have children. The possibility that they would come out too much like some of the people I know is too much for me to bear. Actually, the possibility that they would come out too much like me is even scarier. I wouldn’t want to force that upon anyone, especially a little child. Then again, considering I managed to survive it (though with a few minor defects) brightens the prospect. Still, I think one Jeff Hughes is enough for any planet to bear. I’m one of the most insane people I know, and yet I can still retain some sanity through it all – a very difficult task, let me tell you. At times I’m very scary, and at other times I’m just completely zoned out, staring off into space until someone screams in my face.

And now this crazy guy just might end up going to North Park next year. Considering I missed the deadline for applying to universities, it’s a very likely possibility. I’m planning to work for a year and take a couple courses at North Park and then get into university next year – making sure, of course, to apply nice and early. So far, besides my family, I’ve only told one person about it. Last night Kim from Quizno’s called me from work and we talked for a good fifteen or twenty minutes, partly about the possibility of going to North Park. Since she goes there, she…Continue Reading

Prayer Journal

The only interesting thing that happened at school today was the playing of basketball in Gym class. We had a combined Phys. Ed period with the Grade 9 and 10s, and we just went over the basics of defense and offense. Oh, the other exciting thing at school was the fact that Mr. Gillmore talked about the incoming storm and that tomorrow might be a snow day. That would just really make my day.

Today was the second day of using my new prayer journal. I’m not quite sure at what time I want to do it each day, considering it sometimes takes a little bit longer. I normally read my Bible right after I get home from school, and so I’m going to try doing the prayer journal at the same time just to see if that works. The other time I could do it would be right before I go to bed. That would work as well, but it kind of divides up reading the Bible and prayer, which kind of go hand in hand. But anyways, I’ll try it after school and see how that goes.

I suppose I’ll just explain a bit how I’m doing this journal thing, and that’ll be it (yeah, today’s a short one!). Basically, I’m going to use one page per day, with the date written at the top, and then the page divided up top and bottom into two halves. The top half has a list of things to thank God…Continue Reading

Adventures of the Grade 12 Class

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I don’t even know where to begin to talk about today. It was kind of a crazy day, and I wish I could have been 100% awake to enjoy it. It was one of the best school days there’s been in a while; let’s just put it that way. The first part of the day was pretty average, with a Math test that wasn’t too hard and then Accounting class – more droning on about accounting for bonds payable. I wish we could just get on with it already. Anyways, lunch is where the real fun began.

On Wednesday, the Grade 12s were supposed to go to the library for Biology class, but Mrs. Houtman’s car broke down, so she couldn’t make it into school. So that trip got rescheduled for today. Once lunch started, Mrs. Houtman got us into her car and drove us to West Garden Buffet. It was only $5.99 for the buffet – a pretty sweet deal if you ask me. We ate there, with myself having two platefuls and stuffing myself up nice and plump. After that, we went to the library and asked the librarian about bovine somatotropin – a growth hormone for cows that has some controversy surrounding it, etc. She showed us how to do searches on the computer, but she spelled the name wrong and so she only came up with 1 result. After she left, I typed it in correctly and got over 120 results. So she wasn’t much help.…Continue Reading

Ramblings of a Semi-Fluidic Nature

Over the past few days, I’ve been reading The Purpose-Driven Life. While much of the hype in the Christian circles about this book has died down, I’ve never actually read the entire book. Last year, Bethany started up a lunch-time group to read through the book. What would happen was that once a week, we would get together and talk about the chapter we had read.

There were two problems with this plan that showed up part-way through the year. The first problem was that the book was meant to be read a chapter per day. There are forty chapters in the book, and I’m not even sure if we could have gotten through all forty in the school year by going once a week. Involved in this was the fact that New Life, the church Bethany and I attend, was doing the book at the same time (which is how she got the idea), and they were doing a chapter per day.

The second problem was that there was no strong leadership within the group. It was sort of unorganized, and although Bethany started up the group, somehow she expected everyone to just keep on doing it with no leadership at all. Halfway through lunchtime, someone would ask Bethany if we were doing it that day, and she’d start thinking and say, “No, I’ve got a lot of homework to finish up before class. We’ll do it tomorrow.” Of course, since tomorrow never comes, everything just sort of fell…Continue Reading

Last Night and Today: Sleep-Deprived Excitement

I’m not entirely sure how I felt about today. On the one hand, it wasn’t too strenuous of a day. We mostly just sat and listened to the teachers drone on, occasionally jotting down notes. But on the other hand, we just sat and listened to the teachers drone on, occasionally jotting down notes. In other words, on one hand, we didn’t have to think, but on the other hand, we didn’t do anything interesting enough to get us to think.

Accounting class was definitely the worst, because Mr. G just sat there for the entire hour and fifteen minutes and explained amortization of bonds payable for the third or fourth time. I already understand it, and yet he won’t let those who get it move on to something else. He makes everyone sit there and listen to his explanations and try to decipher his horribly inaccurate pictures that he draws on the board. First, amortization is a bar graph, and next, it’s a pie graph. Then, it’s a diagram showing a factory with an arrow pointing to a crudely drawn stick figure (representing the bond) and another arrow pointing the other way (representing money lent). The worst thing is that on one of his charts, he was explaining it wrong. He was doing 5% of the wrong number, and I didn’t have the heart to correct him. For one thing, he’d just get frustrated looking like a fool, and on the other hand I figured that Bethany and Lana…Continue Reading


Today was a pretty “blah” kind of day. I mean, it wasn’t bad in any way really. The reason it was “blah” was because of the lack of sleep the night before. Last night I woke up somewhere around 3:00 or 3:30 AM, and then after about another hour of sleep I woke up again at 5:45 – I remember that time because I looked over at the clock groggily and thought it said 6:45, so I decided that waiting for 15 minutes for my alarm to go off wasn’t bad. I laid there drowsily for a few minutes just thinking, then glanced over at the clock and was shocked that it was only 5:45. With a groan, I tried to get back to sleep, but it didn’t really work.

So coming off another night of horrible sleep, I was, for the most part, quiet today. English class was the worst, because we just sat there reading Gulliver’s Travels as he explained stuff about English culture back then, half of which you can still hear any day of the week in any satirical comedies about politics, etc. He basically just pointed out all the negative aspects of the culture and left out the good parts, while trying to pose it as being truth. It was stupid. I would have fallen asleep in the class, except whole reason I was tired was because of my insomnia. It’s quite hard to fall asleep when you have insomnia – because if you could,…Continue Reading