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Summary of My Halloween Night

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Alright, I decided to post a nice little summary of my Halloween night. Actually, I’m typing this at about 9:00 PM on Halloween night, but whatever. I’ll just save it and then publish it tomorrow so I don’t get arrested by the Overblogging Police, whom I just made up in my head. Whatever. Anyways, my day went as follows.

First I woke up. I had, like every other year, forgotten to set my clock back an hour for the end of Daylight Savings Time, but oh well. My mom just yelled at me to get up, it’s not like I had my alarm set or anything. I hate when that happens though – you wake up to your alarm, and then you realize you still have an extra hour to sleep. Ugh.

Anyways, so I went downstairs and had some breakfast with my family as we always do on Sunday mornings. It’s a little different now that my sister is away at university (she’s 20 by the way), but whatever. I don’t really miss her, I’ve lived with her annoying habits for 17 years, lol. So then, after breakfast, getting ready, and blogging here, I went to church like I do every Sunday morning. Yes, I’m one of those church-going folk, more because it’s just expected of me by my parents than anything, but unlike most people my age, I enjoy challenging my thinking. I’m not sure exactly what I believe sometimes, but church gives me one side of the…Continue Reading