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Final Goodbyes (For Now)

Yesterday was a little strange, but fun at the same time. It was fairly monotonous until my parents came home and told my sister and me that we were on our own for supper. So we ordered a pizza. I must say that we’ve been getting along a lot better lately. We sometimes actually have fairly decent conversations with each other now – not always, but sometimes. It’s an improvement, at least. But anyways, I went to pick up the pizza from Domino’s, borrowing my sister’s skate shoes for the trip since mine are still soaking wet from getting thrown into the pool. I brought it home, we ate it, and that was that.

I went on MSN and was talking to Kristy – or at least I thought it was her until it turned out to be Steph – and asked them what time they were going over to the Staats’ house and such. I told them I could give them a ride if they wanted since I was going there too, and then I did just that. I picked them up and first drove them to Zehrs to pick up pictures, then headed over to the Staats’ place of residence. This is the last time we’ll get to see Josh and Zeth until about November. In the car on the way there, Steph and Kristy were all excited about Josh’s haircut; they wanted to see it and all that jazz. I sort of just sat there and drove,…Continue Reading

One of the Seven Wonders of the Hair World

Nothing of interest happened today. At all. But I suppose that’s a typical Monday morning. Everyone seemed pretty dead. So I suppose this should be a short entry. You never know, though. I tend to always get onto some strange topic, even when there’s nothing to talk about.

Coming home on the bus today was interesting. The bus going from the mall to my house was fairly full of people using the two attached seats to fit one person, so I took the last available two-seater – for myself. That put me behind these two girls that looked like they were probably 13 or 14. Anyways, the one girl’s bangs were massive; I sat there almost in shock from the sheer size of them. I mean, I think bangs on girls are disgusting 90% of the time, but that doesn’t include massive bangs that start at the crown of your skull and go all the way to your eyebrows (slight exaggeration).

So there I sat with my music in my ears, staring at this girl’s bangs. Suddenly she turned around, and just as lightning-quick I turned my head away. I think she saw me looking at her, though, and so I could see her glancing out of the corner of her eyes at me while talking to her friend for the rest of the bus ride. It was horrible. I mean, not only is this girl probably 4 or 5 years younger than me, but on top of that, she’s…Continue Reading