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Crazy, Crazy Day

Yesterday was a strange day, which is why there’s no entry for that day. I simply just didn’t have time. It all started by going to school, having one class in the morning, and then heading off to the basketball tournament.

We got to the place where the tournament was to be held and walked inside. The place was empty. None of the other teams were there. Something was definitely strange, and we sat there for a few minutes while Mr. G figured out what was going on. It turns out that we were a little bit early. Two days early, actually. The tournament had been rescheduled for Friday instead of Wednesday, and either no one told him or he forgot about the change. So in order to make the trip at least partially profitable, we practiced in the gym for a little bit and then played a game with the school that goes there. The girls didn’t really do anything since it was the guys playing against their guys’ team, but since Mr. Gillmore is partial to the guys in sports, that was to be expected.

We stopped in Cambridge on the way back for something to eat, and some of the guys (myself included) headed into Value Village to look around. Zac ended up buying this big green Hulk fist that you put on your hand, and when you punch something it makes noises like glass breaking or a big roar. It’s foam, and obviously only half of…Continue Reading

Last Night’s Rampages

Hmm. I was thinking I’d have a chance to write yesterday, but things didn’t end up going as planned – or at least, I had forgotten the plan. The day started out fairly normal; I got up, had breakfast, and headed off to church. After that, I went home and finished up the homework that was due for Friday and that I never got around to doing, and then I thought, “I’ll have some time after church that I can use to blog today. So I won’t do it now” (now being in the afternoon).

Well, I got in the car and my parents drove over to pick up Jordan and then Angelie, and then we were carted off to youth for 5:00 to practice – since both Jordan and I were playing. I made sure my bass was turned up to a nice volume so I could hear myself and others could as well. Other weeks the freakin’ keyboard has drowned me out. You wouldn’t believe how much bass that thing can crank out, and I’m not quite sure why. But anyways, after youth, everyone went over to Kristen’s house to go tobogganing. I had forgotten about that, but I got a ride with Justine. It was her, Kyle, Jordan, Angelie, and myself in the car, and we were supposed to go sledding at the Northridge Golf Course, but when we got there, no one else was there and there was a cop sitting in the parking lot. So…Continue Reading

Summary of the Burford Parade

Wow. That was…interesting. Hah, it was great. The Burford Santa Claus Parade was arguably a success! Let me tell you all about the night.

My parents drove Jordan and me down to Zac’s house along with our guitars and amps. We got there and put the stuff into the back of Zac’s truck (which has no tailgate for some strange reason, so we were kind of worried it would just fall out while we were driving, but oh well – it all arrived safely in the end). It took a little bit for Zac’s dad to round up the couple kids that were going along as well. We sat in the car in this order: Zac’s dad driving, Jordan on the passenger side, and Zac and his sister sitting in the part where the back seats should be. Zac’s brother sat in the back of the truck with the amps and stuff; there were some strange-looking seats back there. I was in the middle of the truck in the front – and it’s a manual. So here I am, sitting in the middle with the stick-shift in between my legs and hoping Mr. Baker grabs the right stick. For those that didn’t get that, don’t worry about it.

Anyways, we drove to the float and were quite late – the parade started at 5, and when we got there it was about 4:55. We parked in a school parking lot and then had to run with our amps and guitars…Continue Reading

Santa Claus Parade

Well, our church float for the Brantford Santa Claus Parade got cancelled, but thank goodness for pathetically smaller towns! Jordan, Zac, and I are headed off tonight to Burford’s Santa Claus Parade. It’ll probably be crap, but we’ve practiced so much and it’d be such a waste to have to wait for next year. So we’ll be on the float singing/screaming our heads off to Christmas carols, playing 2 guitars and a bass and generally just going crazy. Well, I’m not quite sure about it. We might keep it toned down to just general screaming, but you never know when we get together. I’ll probably just throw some background screaming in there just for the heck of it.

I’m still not sure what the order of the songs is going to be, and it might be kind of hard using the pages with our lyrics and guitar on them, but oh well. It should be awesome no matter what happens. Even if everything goes wrong, we’ll still have fun. I’m probably just going to be wearing a hoodie instead of trying to fit my guitar strap around a winter coat, so it might be kind of cold, but oh well! We also can’t wear gloves to play guitar, so that might be interesting. But even if we all get frostbite, a cold, and pneumonia, it’ll still all be worth it. We’ve been practicing for so long, anything we can use these Christmas songs for is awesome. And with the big…Continue Reading

Today’s News

Today is Sunday. That means my day is significantly different than many other people’s day. Today I drove to the church for 8 (although that’s unusual for me, it’s usually later) for band practice. I’ve recently been asked to play bass guitar in the Sunday morning service, so I’ve done that last week and this week. That’s pretty fun; I mean, it’s not hard to play bass at all or learn the songs, so I don’t mind putting in a little extra time.

Anyways, the person playing piano, Christine, didn’t know most of the songs since that was the only practice we had, so she spent about an hour and a half getting it right. She did not too badly in the service considering how little time she had, but there were still a few obvious mistakes. Some of those weren’t her fault, because Pastor Al, who was leading worship, likes to switch things around in the song and suddenly sing the verse twice for no apparent reason or whatever. Anyways, the service still went not too badly, so that was awesome.

I came home and ate lunch with my sister at the table, which was definitely out of the ordinary. I can’t wait until she goes back to her dorm in Toronto; she’s leaving today. I almost had to come with them except that I’m working this afternoon from 3-7:15. That also screwed everything up though, because my parents forgot I was working and were going to take the…Continue Reading

Christmas Is Coming

Oh my. This Thursday, it will only be a month until Christmas. That’s pretty crazy; it just kind of snuck up this year. It still feels like October to me. But anyways, I haven’t even thought about what to get anyone else for Christmas, and I haven’t given much thought as to what I want either. I’ve been wanting to get an electric guitar for a while now, but I’ve never gotten around to it. I think what I might do is get my parents to buy me an amp for Christmas, and then I’ll pop in the extra bucks (including the sale of my bass amp which I won’t really need afterwards) for the guitar. Then I can learn it and show off to all my friends! Yay! Well at the very least I can play along with Jordan to songs that really need two guitars and that we’ve been playing with one guitar and a bass instead.

As for what to get others for Christmas, I really have no clue. I’ll probably buy them all a CD each, just ’cause they can’t expect me to be creative with my Christmas presents if they don’t give me any ideas. Jeez. You’d think they thought I actually put thought into this stuff. They should know better by now.…

Well That Sucks…

So much for the Santa Claus Parade float. The church couldn’t get enough volunteers, so they decided to cancel it and do it next year instead. 🙁 I was looking forward to it so much, and then they just cancel it. Ugh. Jordan and I are still going to try and get them to reconsider, but I doubt it’ll work. Oh well. We didn’t completely waste all our practicing, because we’ve been asked to play at the father of one of my other friend Zac’s Christmas party. There’s also going to be some other youth Christmas party that we can probably play at as well. So it won’t be a complete waste, just a partial waste. It’s like going to a huge concert and the main band not showing up; you still have all the other crappy bands, but they’re just not as good. That’s how I’m feeling right now. The Santa Claus Parade didn’t show up, but we’ve still got smaller Christmas parties that we can do. It’s still a let-down, though.…