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Disappointments and Stupid Games

Yesterday was quite disappointing. Work was pretty boring, since it was an afternoon shift, so there weren’t very many people there. Afterwards, I called up Jeff to see if he wanted to do something. He did, so I started calling other people as well. The only people that could actually come were Angelie and Dave. Eventually we figured out that we’d go to Jeff’s house and hang out in his garage – since it has a TV and card table and such in there. Angelie ended up not going because she would be the only girl there. Pphh. I don’t see how that makes a difference, really. I mean, I hang out with all girls sometimes, and other than the fact that they get hyper and annoying, I don’t mind it. At least when they do that, I can laugh at them, so I still have a fun time being entertained at other people being idiots. But whatever. Angelie skipped out on us, so it was just going to be Jeff, Dave, and me there.

I got to Jeff’s house, and he told me that Dave had flaked out too. Apparently he hadn’t actually asked his parents to go, and they wanted him to stay home or something. So it was just Jeff and me. That wasn’t too bad; I mean, I’ve hung out with him before and had some fun. We played Tony Hawk for a while, and then another game called Flat Out, where you drive a car…Continue Reading

Friends, Family, and Feeling Fancy

It’s a strange feeling having friends. I mean, I’ve always had friends, but it’s a strange feeling having friends who actually want to spend time with you. I know that sounds kind of stupid, but when most of your life you’ve only had “school friends” who will talk to you all week at school and then act like you don’t exist once the weekend comes, it’s certainly good to have a change. I remember a couple years ago, I would perhaps get one phone call a month at most. Now there seems to be more phone calls for me than for anyone else in my family. Yes, I know, I’m a stud. Now get back in line to get your autographs.

Yesterday around lunchtime, Jeff called me to see if I wanted to do something. Right before he phoned, I had just popped a bagel into the toaster and was engaged in a process of complaining at how little cream cheese was left in the container. A bagel just isn’t a bagel without cream cheese, and the fact that I was going to have to go sparingly with it just didn’t seem morally right to me – nor tasty, either. Anyways, I was sulking over my horrible plight in life when Jeff called me up. He suggested that we get a bunch of people together and then go to Mohawk Park. After getting food and eating it there, we could play frisbee or whatever. That sounded like a good idea…Continue Reading

The Day (Uninteresting Title, Eh?)

I’m not sure what to say about today. I did stuff, but that stuff wasn’t all that exciting. When I got up, everyone in my house had already left for the day, so I was all alone. I didn’t even hear them leave today. There was a note on the table telling me to do stuff – empty the dishwasher, and vacuum and dust the living room, dining room, and family room. I was thinking of just not doing it, but then I figured that they could have told me to go cut the grass or something, so they were being easy on me. So I did them. The morning was fairly uneventful. I did my regular routine – had a shower, got changed, went down to the computer, etc.

So anyways, I had a wonderful lunch of toast with grape jam on it, and was just settling down to have a nice boring day, when lo and behold, Melissa called. She told me to come over since I was probably bored at my house – which I was – and I told her that I didn’t want to. Of course, no one ever believes me anymore when I say that, since I always say the exact opposite of what I want, so she continued to pester me, threw out all my excuses, and told me Steph was there – although I can’t say that really made me want to go over there any more. I’m really not sure how…Continue Reading

Monopoly, Waterboys, and Sexy Hair

Wow. I can’t believe that I completely forgot to blog yesterday. I’m slipping, I tell ya. But that’s probably a good thing. It may possibly mean that I’m actually developing a social life. But we all know that’s not the case, right? Right. I guess I was just busy with other stuff yesterday (which I’ll get to talking about), so it just slipped my mind.

Oh well. I guess I’ll talk a little bit about Thursday then, since I missed talking about it yesterday. Melissa called me sometime in the afternoon wanting to hang out or whatever, but with the other stuff I was doing, I didn’t get to do that until later. At 3:00 PM, I had an interview at Home Hardware with Dave. It wasn’t so much of an interview, really, as it was story time. He really just told me a few stories of people that worked there or used to work there as examples for me to follow or not follow. He asked a few questions, but since he already knows my mom, he knows kind of what my character is like already. He also knows my dad and my sister also, although not as well, but I think he could see a pattern developing. So anyways, he’s going to talk to the floor manager and probably set up an interview so I can meet him, then they’re going to interview a few other people, get their heads together, and pick the best one or two.…Continue Reading

Laser Tag

Yesterday was awesome. Last night I went to Lazermania with a bunch of people from Central for Jake’s birthday. We played three games of laser tag, and it was so fun. I’ve never actually played it in its own separate place before. My church rented the equipment once and set up a whole bunch of tables and obstacles and such, and we played it in our church. This was even more fun than that, though, because it was more open, and you had to constantly look around you to make sure that no one was coming up behind you. There were great places to snipe from, but no place that was safe from enemy fire.

I can’t think of what else to say other than that it was fun. The first game, I got 14th I think, the second game I got 25th, and the third game I was angry at my horrible scores, and so ended up getting 9th. In between games, there was an arcade out in the lobby area with a whole bunch of games and such that you could win tickets from, and exchange the tickets for prizes. Melissa and I pooled our tickets together – 71 in total – and got a little hand-clapper thing and another annoying noise-making thing that I can’t really describe. It was pretty much a waste of money, but whatever. It’s the fun that counts in arcade games, not the cheap prizes.

I think that’s all I have to say…Continue Reading

Murder Mysteries and Useless Tournaments

I was on the bus riding home today deciding what I wanted to write about for today’s topic, and I ended up coming up blank. I really couldn’t think of much. I could tell all about the latest gossip about who’s going out with whom, but considering I hate when people do that to me, I don’t think I could do that to anyone else. Besides, it’s not really that exciting – I guess I’m just not into that whole drama thing (go figure).

This is really quite difficult. Some days I’m pretty much thinking about things to write about the entire day. Other times I just sit down and right away something comes to me. Today, I sat down hoping I’d get a flash of inspiration, but nothing happened. I had a couple sparks, but nothing ignited. So I suppose I’ll talk a little bit about what happened last night, and perhaps that will bring up something more interesting.

I headed off to youth at Central, and we were in the middle of worship, when suddenly the lights went out and there was a big, high-pitched scream. Everyone was like, “What the heck is going on here?” Then the lights came back on, and Pastor Rob came out with some huge glasses with thick rims and stated that there’d been a murder. Yes, the murder mystery night was on. Apparently, a while ago Marcus wrote a script for them to use as a murder mystery night that they had…Continue Reading

Sociality 101

I’ve been on a killing spree today. All day, I’ve been going around killing people. I’ve had people to help me, but I was in charge of the whole thing. I’m not even sure how many people I’ve killed just today. It must be in at least the hundreds. And the funny thing is that all the people I’ve killed were midgets. Come to think of it, all the people that helped me kill them were midgets as well.

Man, I love video games. All day I’ve been playing Age of Empires II, this great game where you have control of any one of a number of different civilizations from the Middle Ages. It’s an awesome game, and the only game that has continued to keep my interest. I’ve gotten into other games before, but none have kept my interest for that long. Second place would probably go to The Sims, but Age of Empires definitely wins over that one by a long shot. There’s something to be said for sending a whole ton of cavaliers into a town and just obliterating the entire place – people and buildings. The Koreans are especially dangerous, with their heavily armoured Turtle Ships (the cool looking ones with the spikes on the outside) and their War Wagons that fire massive arrows out of a wagon pulled by horses. It’s an amazing feeling to seize control of a massive army of both land-based and sea-based units, and simultaneously coordinate a land and sea battle…Continue Reading