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Food, Mini-Golf, and Food

I’m sitting in front of the computer here trying to think about how to start today’s entry. My mind’s drawing a blank as to how to begin – and I suppose it doesn’t help that I’m listening to one of my favourite songs, Paperthin Hymn by Anberlin. I’m slowly starting to become addicted to Anberlin, Dead Poetic, and a bit of Emery. Anyways, now that I’ve made a horrible introduction, I might as well just end this pointless paragraph and get right into describing last night and this morning.

Last night was fun. Mr. G took all three graduates out for dinner, as he does every year. We headed up to Elmira or St. Jacobs or something, and stopped in at Crossroads Restaurant. After about a half hour wait, we got in. I must say, it was worth the wait. We had the buffet, and it was amazing. There were sausages and sauerkraut, chicken, mashed potatoes, steamed baby carrots, various salads, a vegetable and rice stirfry, plus so much else. It was awesome – the food was delicious. I had about two-and-a-half platefuls, plus dessert on top of that. The desserts there were amazing as well – they had a whole bunch of various pies and cakes, as well as ice cream and apple dumplings and such. I had this pumpkin pie with whip cream on top, and it was delicious. Not just delicious – delicious. So anyways, we had a good time eating and talking there, and then after…Continue Reading

Trippin’ Trip to Toronto

Since you’re all expecting it, here I go with the official Jeff’s Rundown of the Trip to Toronto. It all started on a warm Friday morning at about 8:00 AM. We all met at the school and waited until everyone was there. Then we got into the vans – Mr. G driving the Grade 11-12s, and Mrs. DuBleick and Mr. Bussen driving the Grade 9-10s in two more vans. It’s sad that our whole school can fit in three vans, but whatever. We headed up to Toronto, and the day was off!

The first stop was World Vision. We got into the building and put on our ID badges that we had to wear for some reason. Then Paul Brauen gave us a little tour of the building – which mostly consists of cubicles and storage areas. That’s about it. It really wasn’t that exciting, since they’re just cubicles. I mean, come on, cubicles, people, cubicles! But anyways, after that, we went into the boardroom they have (very nice, I might add) and the guy there – I forget his name, something like Vanderspect, I think – showed us some movies and advertisements they produced. We talked about it a bit afterwards, but it really wasn’t that interesting. I’ve never really liked places like World Vision and their strategies. I mean, I know that they have the right motives at heart, and what they’re doing is very good, but the way they try to sucker money out of people is…Continue Reading

Phone Calls and an Egg-cellent Breakfast

Today has been an interesting day – it’s strange because usually Saturday mornings are the most uneventful day for me. It all started at about 5:30 AM – well, the day technically started at 12:00 midnight, but for me it was at 5:30 when I woke up. This happened several times during the night – my traditional waking up ceremony that I so wonderfully enjoy (not).

Anyways, at about 10:00 AM, my mom came into my room and woke me up to tell me they were leaving for this funeral thing that they were going to up north. She told me some stuff that I really don’t remember much of, except that they were coming back around 6:00 PM or so. I said something like, “Mhm, alright,” and drifted back off to sleep. I think they ended up leaving around 10:15 or so, and by 10:30 I suddenly woke up. Boom – I was wide awake. It was weird. So I went downstairs, grabbed some cookies, and continued walking downstairs to turn on the computer. This is my typical Saturday morning routine. Get up, get something to eat, go on the computer and visit all my regular websites.

After I had enough of being lazy, I decided to go up and have a shower. I got in, did that cool stuff we like to call “hygeine,” and was just drying myself off when the phone rang. Now, while my sister is home for the summer, she’s actually out at a…Continue Reading

The School Day and Food…Mostly Food

Right now I’m hiding in the basement to escape the wrath of my sister, my sister’s friend, and Dr. Phil on the television. Well, okay, it is true that I’m always hiding out in the basement, but this time, I’m frightened for my life. There’s nothing more scary than my sister’s friends, except for my sister herself – and a pack of hungry, ravenous wolves surrounding you. But that’s a close call.

Today we went swimming again, or rather, everyone else went swimming, and I sat up in the balcony section and read Tom Clancy. Lately I’ve been reading Robinson Crusoe, but I just finished that last night. I also went out shopping last night for a present for my mom for Mother’s Day, and Jennifer wanted to head over to Value Village as well. So I checked out the book section and found Tom Clancy’s Op-Center. They always have cheap Tom Clancy books there, and as long as they’re not falling apart, it’s a great deal. I mean, on the back they say about $8.99 Canadian, and at Value Village, they’re $3.99. That’s what I call awesome. So every time I’m forced to go to that horrid place of musty paradise, I always make sure to get one or two of his books. So, while everyone else was swimming, I was reading that. So far, there’s been some explosion in Seoul, South Korea during a political meeting or something. I’m sure the action will heat up soon.

Tuesday is…Continue Reading

Things Are a Little Fishy Around Here

It’s like a movie extravaganza! Or something like that. Last night we went over to the Tozer’s house for our family Easter dinner. We had ham, mashed potatoes, asparagus, meatballs, and a whole bunch of other stuff. It was really good. But, seeing as all the cousins (the “kids”) were betting it would be boring if we didn’t do something, we decided to go out and rent a movie or two to watch. We headed over to Super A, with me driving. At first Corinne was going to drive, but her car was in front of ours in the driveway, so ours was blocking it. Then I asked my dad for the keys, and Jennifer said something like, “Don’t you think I should drive?” “No,” was the response. That was about it. I made sure to rub that in. My dad trusted me with the car more than her. Heh.

So anyways, after spending an eternity in Super A Video, we finally picked out The Incredibles and Johnny English. We were looking for something funny that most of us hadn’t seen. Then we stopped off at Corinne’s house because Jennifer wanted to borrow The Terminal from her. She decided to just stay at home since she would be going home soon afterward anyways, so we headed back to the Tozers. Just as we pulled in, Angelie and Kristy showed up. They had been over at the Gillmore’s house and decided to walk over and visit. Angelie and Jordan disappeared, of…Continue Reading

Ramblings of a Semi-Fluidic Nature

Over the past few days, I’ve been reading The Purpose-Driven Life. While much of the hype in the Christian circles about this book has died down, I’ve never actually read the entire book. Last year, Bethany started up a lunch-time group to read through the book. What would happen was that once a week, we would get together and talk about the chapter we had read.

There were two problems with this plan that showed up part-way through the year. The first problem was that the book was meant to be read a chapter per day. There are forty chapters in the book, and I’m not even sure if we could have gotten through all forty in the school year by going once a week. Involved in this was the fact that New Life, the church Bethany and I attend, was doing the book at the same time (which is how she got the idea), and they were doing a chapter per day.

The second problem was that there was no strong leadership within the group. It was sort of unorganized, and although Bethany started up the group, somehow she expected everyone to just keep on doing it with no leadership at all. Halfway through lunchtime, someone would ask Bethany if we were doing it that day, and she’d start thinking and say, “No, I’ve got a lot of homework to finish up before class. We’ll do it tomorrow.” Of course, since tomorrow never comes, everything just sort of fell…Continue Reading

The Night Life

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I think I’m burning myself out, and I barely do anything compared to some people. I barely have any energy anymore, and it’s getting worse. The worst part about it is that I have no idea how to stop it. Today I woke up at about 5:15 AM and then again at 6:30 AM. When I woke up the second time I thought, “Oh good, at least I only have a half hour to wait. I’ll just doze off until my alarm goes off.” About ten minutes later I realized that it was Sunday, so my alarm wasn’t set, and that I still had over an hour – breakfast is usually around 8:00 on Sundays at our house. So, like I do so often now, I rolled over with a groan, pulled the covers up over my head, and tried to get back to sleep. I don’t even remember if it worked, but it definitely doesn’t feel like it did considering how tired I was.

Last night I was out at a party/get-together thing at Jake Dreyer’s house. The funniest part is that I’ve only met the guy once – and that was when I was at his house before, at New Year’s. He thought I was Geoff Tyers, but Angelie tried to explain to him that I was a different Jeff. But whatever. He invited Geoff thinking it was me, so I went. I knew several of the people there, since it was mostly people from Central Baptist youth.…Continue Reading